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Food represents the culture of a place, city, state, or country, so the best way to learn about someone’s culture is by eating the food of that particular place. Telangana is most famous for its Mughlai and Turkish dishes, such as Hyderabadi biryani and many more. Let’s explore the famous foods of Telangana:

1. Hyderabadi Biryani: The Royal Joy of Telangana

Image – Wikimedia

Hyderabadi Biryani is called the pride of Telangana. It was first made by the Hyderabadi nawabs. The delicious and spicy iconic basmati rice dish is made tastier by its unique cooking style. It is indulged with the flavor of spices, with rice layered with succulent meat. Those who enjoy eating non-vegetarian biryani are just in love with it. Now, Hyderabadi Biryani is not only famous in Telangana but in the whole of India.

2. Pachi Pulusu – A Spicy Twist in Fresh Tamarind Soup


Pachi pulusu is the Telugu word which means “raw tamarind soup”. The perfect balance of sourness and spiciness makes this soup more delicious. Fresh tamarind pulp is used as an ingredient in this soup which makes it tangy and flavorful. Using tamarind pulp along with green chillies, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and spices gives a tasty and tangy tamarind soup.

3. Sarva Pindi: Exploring the Zests of Spicy Rice Pancake

Image – Wikimedia

Sarva Pindi is the most delicious snack and breakfast option of Telangana. It is rice pancakes made with rice batter along with spices, vegetables, and herbs. The batter is then spread equally on a flat pan, making a pancake known by the name ‘Sarva Pindi’. It is one of the most eaten traditional foods of Telangana and also represents Telangana’s love for rice-based dishes. It is a refreshing snack, mostly enjoyed during the summer.

4. Gutti Vankaya Kura: A Delicious Stuffed Eggplant Curry


Gutti vankaya kura is an eggplant-based curry. It is the gem of Telangana dishes. It is basically brinjal (eggplant) filled with flavors and deliciousness. The main ingredient of this dish is small brinjals which are stuffed with onions, ground nuts, spices, and grated coconut. After stuffing, these brinjals are cooked properly in tomato puree, and the delicious curry is ready. It shows Telangana’s love for plant-based dishes.

5. Sakinalu: Crunchy Sesame Seed Snack

Image – Wikimedia

Sakinalu is also a rice-based dish, representing Telangana’s love for rice-based dishes. It is a tangy, spicy, salty, and very crunchy snack. Its crunchiness makes it extra delicious. It is made with rice flour properly mixed with the right amount of water and spices, and then rolled and made into a unique shape like jalebi. It is mostly eaten as a snack, and having it with tea is icing on the cake.

6. Gongura Chutney: Eruption of Flavor with Sorrel Leaves

Famous-Food-of-Telangana, Gongura Chutney
Image Source: Wikimedia

Gongura Chutney is a tasty, tangy, and flavorful chutney which enhances the food. The key ingredient of this chutney is Gongura, also known as sorrel leaves. These sorrel leaves are finely cut and mixed with chilly, curry leaves, and other spices. The Gongura leaves are tangy, which gives this chutney more flavors and makes it tasty. This chutney is a blast of flavors, tanginess, sourness, and deliciousness.

7. Jonna Rotte: Enjoying the Traditional Sorghum Flatbread


Jonna Rotte is the famous healthiest flatbread. The word Jonna means jowar, so these are known as jowar roti. It is eaten as wheat roti. It is also the best complement to wheat flour roti. It is made with jowar flour and eaten with dal, chutney, and vegetable sabzi. It is the tastiest bread and also the healthiest. Jowar roti also helps in weight loss and keeps the stomach healthy. As it is a traditional roti, it is made by hand on a flat tawa or pan, which makes it extra tasty.

8. Mirchi Bajji: Peppery Attraction in Stuffed Chili Fritters

Image – Ravigopal Kesari/Flickr

Mirchi Bajji is the most famous street snack of Telangana, full of flavors. Addressing the lively cooking section of Telangana, this dish presents the region’s love for spicy and tangy flavored street food. The chili used in the mirchi bajji is of the variety called “Bhavnagari” or “Banana Pepper.” These chilies are perfect for stuffing and frying. The chili is coated with flour and stuffed with potato, and the yummy mirchi bajji is prepared.

9. Qubani Ka Meetha: Pampering in the Sweetness of Apricot Dessert


Without dessert, food is incomplete. Desserts make the food ending extra special. Qubani ka Meetha is the most famous and yummy Telangana dessert. Quabani ka Meetha is made from dried apricots, creamy textures of fruits used in it, and also the aromatic spices, all of which make it full of flavor. The main ingredient of this dessert is dried apricots. These apricots are soaked overnight and then blended with aromatic spices and other ingredients, giving a tasty, yummy, flavorful dessert. It is the most famous Hyderabadi dessert and mostly served at Hyderabadi weddings, adding a special touch to the celebrations.

10. Double Ka Meetha: A Sweet Delight in Telangana’s Bread Dessert

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Double ka Meetha is the most famous and delicious dessert, also called Sahi Tukda. It is mostly served at Hyderabadi weddings and festivals to make these occasions more special. This dessert is basically made of bread, which is deep-fried in ghee until crispy and brown. Then, the fried bread is soaked in flavored milk and garnished with fruit nuts, and the Double ka Meetha is ready. The bread soaked in milk makes this dessert the sweetest, most flavorful, and yummiest, which is the pride of Telangana.

11. Garijalu: A Sweet Telangana Dessert

Image Source: Wikimedia

Garijalu is the dessert of Telangana. It has a sweet filling of grated coconut, nuts, and cinnamon. It is also known as Kajikaya. Its shape is like Karanji, a dish from Maharashtra. A crispy layer of maida inside with a delicious filling of grated coconut, nuts, and cinnamon, it is deep-fried and served on special occasions. This garijalu is famous all over India and is made in northern India during Holi, where it is known as Gujiya and served during the festival.

These are some of the most famous foods of Telangana that will help you to know more about Telangana and its flavor-rich, delicious food, which mostly includes rice-based dishes full of tanginess and flavors.

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