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Many people may have heard of the Indian Kurtis but may not know where it originated from. Every person should at least have a brief history of the Kurtis. It was called the daughter of the traditional long Kurta that was used in the past back in northern India. Over the years, it has spread and become part of the world. Kurta originated from standard long shirts which were worn in Northern India.

In the Western countries, the tunic was worn for some religious and traditional ceremonies with cloak beneath it. Many industries have emerged due to the spread of the Indian Kurtis and it has resulted in job employment and development of infrastructure all over the great country of India. This popular garment is made up of fabric and the amazing thing with it is that any fabric can be used to make this wonderful garment. Many leading manufacturers of this garment usually do it according to the latest fashion trends that will suit the needs of the customer since everybody likes to be in the newest fashion in town.

Importance of the Indian Kurtis


Some people may tend to buy the Indian Kurtis but may not know the appropriate uses/when to wear it or where to wear it and from where to buy it. You can buy it from stylecaret.

The following is a brief about the different uses of Indian Kurtis:

FESTIVAL GARMENT- Indian Kurtis is used as a festival garment and worn during various festive seasons. So if you are in a festive season and you don’t have any garment to wear, consider Indian Kurtis and it will give you the perfect outlook on that memorable festival season.

OFFICE WEAR- many people are used to going to offices with skirts and blouses but this popular type of garment known as the Indian Kurtis will be fitting for your office work.

CASUAL WEAR- most people prefer to wear jeans as their casual wear but the Indian Kurtis is the most appropriate garment to wear as your casual garment since it helps you feel free and able to walk around when you are happy and relaxed. Try it today and you will definitely get a new nice experience.

Varieties of Indian Kurtis


Many people may tend to think that there is only one type of Indian Kurtis and they are absolutely wrong since there are various varieties of this popular garment.

The varieties include:

  1. Chiffon designer 
  2. Chiffon beaded 
  3. Georgette designer
  4. Georgette beaded

Kurti Styles & Design


 Kurtis may come in different styles and designs in order to present that magnificent look that one may deserve while wearing the garment.

The following are some of the styles in which Kurtis may come in

PRINTED KURTIS- this Kurtis contain printed images of things such as beautiful flowers, dots or even some presentable dots.

FLARED KURTIS- these are Kurtis which form a certain shape at the base presenting that excellent look

LONG KURTIS-this type of design is the one which goes beyond the knees and perhaps may reach the toes or even the angle. This type of Kurtis is preferred by older women who don’t like short clothes.

STRAIGHT KURTIS- this type of Kurtis are usually straight in nature with no cures and don’t form any shape at the base. They are just straight in nature. They are preferred for office work.

Latest Kurtis Design


As a matter of fact most people want the latest fashion designs so as to rhyme with their peers. The manufacturing industries are doing their best to manufacture latest designs so as to sustain their endless market and demands from their customers.

The following are the latest designs of Indian Kurtis in the market:

EMBROIDED JACKET DESIGN- this design is basically a long Kurtis and it is like a jacket.

This design is popular mainly among the young generation.

KITE DESIGN- this garment is basically triangular in shape and can be made from cotton or fabric.

It is fitting up to the waist then it spreads giving that elegant shape of a kite.

This design is selling in the market like hot cake.

SIDE LAYERED KURTI-this type of Kurti is made up from the georgette material. It gives a straight line on one of the sides. This garment also has a top which looks like that of a coat and it has long sleeves. It also has the popular semi-necklace design. This design is also popular despite the fact of it emerging only this year.

BROCKED LAYERED- this marvelous type of garment is made up from pure silk. It contains the brocket layering in the knee part and gives a new pattern. It is appropriate for special occasions. Moreover, it contains long sleeves. This type of garment is gotten from a traditional type of dress

DHOTI STYLE-this type of garment improves your style standard. It is made up of silk. The lower part of the dress is made up from georgette material. It contains some golden decorations on the front. It is mainly worn in parties.

SINGLE SHOLDER- this design is very common in teens and the youth. It is made up of silk material. Given a wrap design that forms layers from the shoulder towards the opposite side. It has the single shoulder design spicing up to its beauty.

According to research, this is the recent design in the market and everybody is rushing to purchase it while stock lasts. It is made of silk. It has horizontal lines which are usually in 3 colors. In the base, there is a golden lace. It contains a dress look. It is fitting at the waist.

Buying the Kurtis Online


One can purchase the garments online via different sites like stylecaret at an affordable price since the shop may be too far from your location. Once you buy the garment it is delivered right at your door step and you pay for it on delivery. They come in different sizes and materials in which you can choose from. Buying online is relatively cheap than buying from a shop.

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