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Exhibition Dates: 1st – 16th Sept. 2023 
Venue: Gallery Pradarshak, Khar West, Mumbai 

Participating Artists: 
Ambereen Dharamsey | Anand Mali | Aniket Deshmukh | Anuja Paturkar | Anupam Banarase | Dipa Das | Karishma Wadhwa | Sachin Pakhale | Shruti Chawan | Siddhesh Rane| Smita Marathe | Smita Shrivastav | Venus Sanghvi 

Genre being exhibited: 

Abstract Paintings 

“Emerging and Talented Artists Showcase their Abstract Works at Gallery Pradarshak” 

Gallery Pradarshak, a prominent art space in Mumbai, is hosting a group exhibition of abstract paintings from 1st to 16th September 2023. The exhibition, titled “A New Tomorrow II”, features the works of 13 emerging and talented artists who explore the diverse and dynamic aspects of abstraction. 

Artwork by Venus Sanghvi

Abstract art is a visual language of expressions through forms, colours, lines, shapes and more. It is a non-representational medium that depicts a sense of independence and depth, and invites the viewers to interact with the intangible. The artists in this exhibition showcase their individual styles and perspectives, influenced by their personal experiences, emotions, and inspirations. 

Artwork by Anupam Banarase

Some of the artists draw inspiration from the natural elements, such as Dipa Das, who uses geometric compositions and subtle colours to create a third dimensional illusion of the Panchabhuta – the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Aniket Deshmukh, on the other hand, explores the secrets of the human psyche and the cosmos through his abstracts. 

Artwork by Shruti chawan

Other artists express their identity and journey through their abstracts, such as Karishma Wadhwa, who paints cityscapes inspired by her travels around the world. Shruti Chawan conveys her impressions of stories, feelings and sensations through her paintings. 

Other talented artists participating in the exhibition include: Anupam Banarase, Sachin Pakhale, Venus Sanghvi, Smita Srivastav, Smita Marathe, Anand Mali, Ambereen Dharamsey, Siddhesh Rane and Anuja Paturkar. 

The exhibition is centred around the idea of new beginnings, transformation and optimism. It is a continuation of Gallery Pradarshak’s efforts to promote emerging and talented artists and to foster a culture of art appreciation among the public. 

Gallery Pradarshak Details

The exhibition is open for viewing from 11 am to 7 pm on all days except Sundays and public holidays at Gallery Pradarshak, Khar West, Mumbai. For more information, visit the gallery’s website or follow them on Instagram @galleryoradarshak 

100 Kalpana Bldg., Plot No.338, 12th Road, Khar (West), Mumbai 400 052 Tel: 9920386641 Web: Email:

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