Gallery Pradarshak Presents – A New Tomorrow III’ Expanding Horizons


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Prepare to be enthralled as Gallery Pradarshak, brings to you a mesmerizing exhibition of figurative paintings in its upcoming group exhibition titled ‘A New Tomorrow III – Expanding Horizons.’ This exhibition promises to encompass a wide range of artistic variety, featuring the works of 8 different artists, ensuring a diverse and captivating experience for every art lover. 

Expressing a unique narrative and a deep well of emotions, ‘A New Tomorrow III’ is set to take viewers on a journey into the minds of the artists, offering a glimpse into their perspectives and creative expression. 

Participating Artists: 

Artwork by Zakir Hussain Tanha
  • Zakir Hussain: A reflector, translator, and mediator, Zakir Hussain’s works act as windows into the complex subjects of contemporary society, offering unique interpretations and posing thought-provoking questions to the viewers. 
  • Sangeeta Babani: Sangeeta Babani’s art expresses emotions, states of mind, and fleeting moments through lines, shapes, and figures. Her life experiences and reflections manifest in her artwork, offering a deeply personal and introspective view of the world. 
  • Kishore Pritam Biswas: With “Freedom of Beauty,” Kishore Pritam Biswas captivates with a fantasy series that beautifully combines elegance and butterflies, highlighting the aesthetic allure of the female form and their emotions. 
  • Dnyaneshwar Randhai: A textile artist, Dnyaneshwar Randhai explores the interplay of patterns, colors, and form. His work juxtaposes the human body and the cactus plant, revealing the intriguing connection between the two. 
Artwork by Sangeeta Babani
  • Kavita Tambolkar: Kavita Tambolkar’s vibrant and emotionally charged paintings celebrate the multifaceted nature of womanhood, capturing the essence of her subjects. 
  • Gayatri Mehta: A versatile visual artist, Gayatri Mehta’s works span portraits, figures, landscapes, and still life, offering a rich tapestry of artistic exploration. 
  • Hema Mhatre: Artist Hema Mhatre uses everyday scenarios to convey her emotions, creating a distinctive artistic oeuvre through linear drawings. 
  • Deepa Hekre: Artist Deepa Hekre sees women as a celebration, joyful, calm, and composed. Portraying them with fluidity, vibrancy, and abstract elements, often using acrylic with various textures. 

Venue: 100 Kalpana Bldg., Plot No.338, 12th Road, Khar (West), Mumbai 400 052 Tel: 9920386641 Web: Email:

Artwork by Deepa Hekre

Gallery Pradarshak has been a hub for art lovers for nearly three decades, showcasing the work of talented artists and catering to art patrons through carefully curated fine art. Since its inception, Pradarshak has been dedicated to promoting affordable original works of art and has received overwhelming support from corporate houses and individuals alike. 

Establishing its online presence in 2000, the gallery has expanded its reach, connecting with art enthusiasts globally. Through exhibitions and signature events, Gallery Pradarshak strives to bridge the gap between artists and art enthusiasts, making art accessible to every home. 

For further information and inquiries, please contact: 

Shruti Chawan Manager, Gallery Pradarshak Website: Phone: +91 9920386641 Email: 


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