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A Nazar Battu (evil eye warder, evil eye protector) is a symbol, icon, or logo, a charm bracelet, a tattoo or a face mask, or any other object or pattern which defends and protects us against the evil eye. There is also a Hindu – Urdu slogan, Chashm-e-Baddoor, which is extensively used in North India and Pakistan to get rid of the evil eye. Its literal meaning is “far be the evil eye”. Another such slogan that is used in North India to a great extent is “Buri Nazar waale, tera munh kala” or “Kisi ki nazar na lagey”. This means “evil-eyed one; your face will be blackened”. These slogans and phrases are frequently and widely used in India when someone receives praise, achieves or accomplishes something, is successful, or has good luck. It is used in a protective manner as these events in someone’s life usually attract a lot of jealous attention and negativity. There are a lot of types and forms of Nazar battu which are used to ward off the evil eye. But, first, we shall know more about the evil eye and the reason why we try to protect ourselves and get rid of it so much.

What is the evil eye and why do people try to get rid of it?

There is a big difference between the evil eye amulet and the evil eye itself. While the real evil eye is actually a spiteful curse passed on through a wicked and harmful stare or look, the evil eye amulet is just an accessory to ward off it.

The evil eye (Nazar) is a harmful look, stare or gaze which may be intentional or unintentional, results in disease, negativity, bad luck, or disgrace to someone else. The evil eye is more often than not brought on by envy, greed, spite, grudge, desire, and jealousy. All these emotions towards a person transform itself into a curse which then causes harm to that person and changes its good luck and success into bad luck and failure. Other than this, anyone who is highly praised or gets more than what they deserve is also susceptible to the evil eye. These people may bring bad luck or have some mental or physical illness. A disease or illness with no immediately clear reason is also believed to be caused by the evil eye. Children are very vulnerable to this as parents, people, or even well-wishers who compliment the child or praise the child tend to attract and bring in negative energy, bad luck, failure or injury, illness, and even death. This may happen completely unintentionally and not at all deliberately.

Some people who are often accused of directing the evil eye are strangers, childless women, old women, and malformed people. Pregnant women and animals are also susceptible to it. People usually avoid themselves, their children, family, or possessions being praised or admired as they consider it unlucky. So, instead of praising someone or something, it is better to use phrases like “as God will” or “God bless it”.

The Types of Nazar Battu Used To Get Rid of the Evil Eye

We now know that a Nazar Battu is an evil eye warder or protector that helps us get rid of the evil eye or Nazar. Here, we will take a look at the types and forms of Nazar Battu by which we can protect ourselves.

1. The Evil Eye Bead Or Amulet


The blue glass evil eye beads are used as an amulet or a talisman. These are eye-shaped and are usually blue in color. Most probably because blue-colored beads are comparatively easy to create. Today, the evil eye amulet comes in various different colors like green and red. These amulets have various shapes and sizes and are worn as bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, etc. One can even hang these beads inside their house and over the entrance of their house to keep the home well protected. They can also hang these in their office and car.

These evil eye amulets repel all the negative and evil energies cast at you and direct them back at the person who cast them. These talismans keep you protected and safe and make you feel secure no matter where you are. This shields you and reflects the curse back to the caster. In today’s time, people don’t know much about why these are worn. They wear them as a part of jewelry or because of a fashion trend and also if some celebrity wears it. The traditional deep cobalt blue color of the evil eye amulet is for positive energies, good karma, and protection against the real evil eye. It also helps in motivation and creativity.

2. Nimbu-Mirchi Totka

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Nimbu Mirchi is yet another way to fight the evil eye. This is a very common practice in India. One can easily find a nimbu (lemon) and some Mirchi (chilies) tied together with mostly a black thread. Usually, one lemon and seven chilies are tied together and hung at the main door or entrance of the house and inside cars and vehicles. People also tie it in their offices or shops to protect themselves, their homes, shops, and businesses from the evil eye and negative energies.

The chief reason for tying the nimbu-Mirchi is because of Goddess Alakshmi. Goddess Alakshmi is the sister of a popular Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, who brings prosperity and good wealth. Unlike her sister, Goddess Alakshmi brings misery, bad luck, misfortunes, and poverty into people’s lives. It is believed that she likes spicy, hot, and sour food which is why people hang nimbu-mirchi at the entrance of their house or workplace. This way, she can satisfy her hunger at the entrance at once and leave without entering their house.

People replace it with the new one according to their choice. Usually, it is changed every Friday night and the new one is hung every Saturday morning but some people even change it daily. They throw the used nimbu-mirchi on open roads far away from their house or wherever it was hung.

3. Black Thread Anklet

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Many people can be seen wearing these black threads on their legs and that too, mostly on their left leg. These black thread anklets work as a Nazar battu or an evil eye anklet. These are also known as the nazariya. These were traditionally worn as a simple pain black thread but, people now add different accessories, motifs, and things to it. Some even add the blue glass evil eye amulet to the black thread. These are worn to ward off the evil eye and to protect ourselves from the negative energy. While it is mostly worn in the ankle, some people also wear the black thread in their arms, wrist, and neck.

The people in India have their own religious beliefs related to the thread and some consider the thread as holy. They wear the thread because they believe that the thread can remove all the pain and guard them against evil spirits. But, people nowadays only wear the thread because of the attraction and fascination towards it and also because they consider it stylish. According to astrology, the black color is considered as the symbol of Saturn or Rahu Ketu, and Rahu Ketu is believed to be responsible for the evil powers of sight. It is also known as the shadow planet and it is the planet of justice and karma. It is said that if these planets become troubled and disturbed or they enter the house of an enemy planet, then the person will end up in misfortune and bad luck and their life will be very disturbed.

To protect oneself from the inauspicious effects of Rahu Ketu, one wears a black thread in their left leg. There are a few things that one should keep in mind while wearing the black thread. It is best to bring the black thread from the Baba Bhairav Nath temple as it is holy. One cannot just wear any random black thread. Before wearing the black thread, it should have 9 knots in it. One should wear the black thread only at the auspicious time and as soon as one wears the thread, he/she should chant Shani Dev’s mantra twenty-one times. No other color thread should be worn or tied in the hand or wristwear one is wearing the black thread. If one is wearing the black thread in the wrist, the thread should be twisted 2, 4, 6, or 8 times.

4. Nazar Battu Beads

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Nazar Battu is in fact an actual fruit. It is a small, black–colored, raw fruit obtained from the Nazar tree. It is worn as a locket or mala by the people, mostly children. People usually wear it around their neck or arm. The Nazar battu protects the person from evil spirits, black magic, negativity, witchcraft, and the evil eye. People also hang these in front of their house above the main entrance or door to get rid of evil spirits and negativity and tie these in front of their vehicles, etc. Nazar Battu comes in a black thread and is easy to wear. The Nazar battu mala usually has a total of 54+1 beads in it. It helps in maintaining positivity around the person. It is very much recommended for the kids and women as they feel secure and protected while wearing it. This also helps in kid’s focus and concentration.

5. Kala Teeka

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The Nazar ka Tikka (Teeka) or Kala Tikka (Teeka) is a black dot on the forehead to protect and shield the possessor from the evil eye or Nazar. This is generally put on children as they are more vulnerable to it. The babies and children are sometimes overly praised or admired because of which they can get the evil eye and sometimes, people give them the evil eye due to jealousy or envy, as they are more at risk. Mothers usually put this Kala Teeka on their kid’s faces, usually on the forehead or behind the ear, just so the child looks ugly or unattractive or there is an imperfection to the child. They believe that because of this, the evil eye won’t attack the child and the Kala Teeka will ward off the evil spirits and the Nazar.

The Kala Teeka also protects the child from any illness, sickness, or poor health. People have experienced this which proves that this works. Anyone who stares and tries to give the child the evil eye would see the mark on its face which would distract him/her and the Kala Teeka would ward off the evil eye. The Kala Teeka is not only limited to babies or children, adults too put a Kala Teeka behind their ear. They usually use kajal to do so.

Other than this, people also get tattoos on their bodies of these evil eye amulets or hamsa, or anything which they believe would protect them from the negativity and the Nazar. People also wear different kinds of charm bracelets other than the blue glass evil eye amulet. They wear them according to what they believe and in the region where they live. There are also some masks and things which people hang in front of their homes or inside their homes which protects them from the evil eye like the Mahakal Black Face Mask.

These Nazar Battus are intentionally put in so that there is an imperfection in the object, place, or a person which will protect them from these evil spirits and the evil eye. When a house is decorated, an imperfection is intentionally introduced so that the house is not perfectly decorated. When one buys new things like a rug or a saree, an imperfection is added or made like a stitching flaw to the otherwise perfect rug or object so that the evil eye does not affect it. All these practices are very old in India and are now a part of its tradition.

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