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Every day, countless pages of content are being put out online. The average web surfer is overwhelmed by thousands of marketers all vying for our attention. The tourism industry in particular has become such a busy field that it can be difficult to stand out amongst the thousands of travel businesses on the web.

However, by using low-investment animations, travel businesses and local governments can take their content marketing strategy to the next level. Many businesses struggle to present their products or services, let alone complex subjects like travelling and ecotourism, without bombarding them with masses of text and static images.

It can be very difficult to keep the attention of your audience and explain for example the variety of ecological and economical benefits of sustainable travelling. The tourism industry is discovering that animation can be a perfect medium to explore these concepts in depth and attract new customers and visitors.

Animation and regional promotion

One of the key elements of the tourism industry is being able to sell the audience on a faraway location. Animation is a suitable channel to communicate information also about a particular region. Businesses that want to go the educational route can produce an animated explainer video that discusses local customs.

A great example of this is Crash Course’s history of India animation, which takes a brief look at the caste system and the growth of Buddhism in the region.

The entire cities, regions or countries start to use animations to attract visitors in an original sometimes artistic way exploring different animation techniques.

Animated videos offer an unparalleled ability to communicate with a diverse audience. Counties can promote with animation also their major attractions and flagship events. A good example offers this promotional video explaining Tour De France in animation:

Educating with animation

One of the best animation styles for educational purposes would be animated explainer videos. In this type of movies a narrator takes the viewer on a journey, which is visualised on screen through animated graphics. As a means of communication, animated videos are extremely diverse.

Businesses all the way from travel agencies to travel apps like Travi and Safe Travels make use of animation to get their message out to customers.

Similarly, travel explainer videos are great for communicating with your target audience whilst keeping the format simple and entertaining. By making sure your marketing campaign is memorable you ensure that future customers don’t forget what value your brand stands for.

A look at animated explainer videos

A great example of how animation and ecotourism go hand in hand together is FarmerFinder’s animated video, which discusses how the business connects buyers and independent farmers together. Simultaneously it addresses the variety of different environmental and logistic problems farmers around the world are facing.

Similarly, the educational animation “Going Green” takes viewers through the ecological aftermath of the famous Ganesh Chaturthi Elephant-headed lord celebration, which includes the use of idols that will simply be thrown away polluting water supplies.

“Going Green” and FarmerFinder chose to use visual presentations to get their messages out there and help the drive towards sustainability and ecotourism. By using a video they can present their audience with more information without sending them to sleep.

Regions around the world, whether promoting travel destinations or regional problems could greatly benefit from using animation to communicate with both tourists and locals. With an animation it is possible to transport the viewer into a whole new visual world, and bring a desired discussion to life.

For instance, when watching those videos the viewer gains an understanding of the ecological issues highlighted as well as how to solve it. In both of the examples, the creators with a help of a professional animation studio have been successful in sending a clear message that could otherwise be lost.

Sending an Eco-friendly message

Animated videos are one of the best ways to communicate with your audience when dealing with compound issues like sustainability and eco-friendly travelling. Making use of animation will not only get your message out to the aware audience but also communicate your professionalism and associate your brand or region with certain values.

By entertaining the target audience with animated content companies and local authorities can provide more value than if they were to simply list services or regional features down on a webpage. Animated videos actively engage with your viewers and entertain them in a way written content never could.

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