Venus Sanghvi: Artistic Symphonies & Cultural Encounters



Venus Sanghvi the Artist

Venus Sanghvi is a professional visual artist and furthermore has pottered in different field of learning. (Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Ceramics, Montessori, Branding etc). Her artistic journey has been aided by these encounters, and her artwork has hints of them.

Venus Sanghvi artworks are a visual symphony that reflect her experiences through layers of orchestral abstraction. Her artistic creations express the semantic of congruity, hidden or revealed, in the esoteric layers to form cadenced patterns and designs. Her artworks, are poems with abstraction of colors, shapes, scripts, aesmic text and words. She builds up her artwork, in layers, whether working with oil, acrylic, mix media or encaustics. She starts by mark making be it canvas or paper or wood and slowly build up layers with different tools and techniques. As she applies subsequent layers, she is reminded of the delicate balance between seizing opportunities and the fleeting nature of time. Just as the open time of any medium is fleeting, so too are the moments in life when action must be taken before it’s too late. Various handmade or found materials as well as spiritual sindoor, abir are mixed in colors and integrated into her artwork. The artworks may use tiny chimes to symbolize the Bija mantra, sacred seed sound or proposes a relationship (societal) and creates a magical alchemy. The materials used play a crucial part and further enhance the visual experiences.


Venus’ Art Works

The substance of the land surface – soil and the diversity of life on earth are depicted in her artworks. Regions, terrains, cartography, and urban maps, whether they are new or ancient, accurate or altered, serve as representations of my experiences. Comparing a city’s street system to a bodys skeleton, she argues that it acts as a framework for interpersonal relationships. Nations are only meaning-assigned invisible lines! A beating heart and warm skin are the true meaning of life! Merging invisible lines – to create a unified place to live, she has used city maps (actual or altered), scripts in different languages, thread to sew the gap etc-to create her artworks.


Every series, she goes beyond the constrictions of genre to instill a new style as each series is something she has experienced, learnt or seen during her travels or interactions. Her usage and application are proficient and judicious enough to break the monotonous patterns of manner of thinking. That is why the viewer always sees something new, undetermined and different without any coincidences.

A Few Accomplishments Are:


  • One of the painting was part of the women’s day show at Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad.
  • Her painting, ‘Voyage’, has been selected for ‘H1B Visa’ at Smithsonian Asian Pacific American centre, Washington DC, USA and now is live on Google Arts & Culture.
  • She was also one of the few lucky artists invited to do a painting – ‘One World’ for the 83rd birthday of His Holiness Dalai Lama.
  • She was invited to be a part of the Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens Exhibit: Artists for Peace and Common Understanding. Painting: ‘AUM’ at John Natsoulas Gallery, USA
  • “The Soul Within” another painting of mine was featured on a billboard on Times Square, New York. This painting has also made it to the Museum Quality Coffee Table Book, ‘Art Takes Times Square.’

Artist: Venus Sanghvi
Phone: 9867004903

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