3 Benefits of Investing in Right Motorcycle Gear and Bike Insurance


3 Benefits of Investing in Right Motorcycle Gear and Bike Insurance
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Riding a bike is fun and liberating. Along with that, it is also risky. An accident can occur anytime, anywhere. You might be the best rider in town, but you can’t say the same thing about others, can you? A rash driver can easily bump into your bike. Such an accident can lead to a fatal injury. That’s why you need the following two things: safety gear and a bike insurance policy. Safety gear is meant to protect you from physical damage while a bike insurance policy is designed to minimize your financial losses. Read ahead to know about 3 benefits of investing in the right motorcycle gear and bike insurance policy. 

  • Benefits of Investing in The Right Motorcycle Gear

  • Safety

Your motorcycle gear should keep you safe. That is the purpose of a safety gear, everything else is secondary. For example, you need to buy a helmet that meets the Indian Standards Institute guidelines. Such helmets are tested and designed to protect you in case of an accident. By investing in the right gear, you ensure that the safety gear is equipped to serve its purpose. 

  • Comfort

You need to be comfortable when you ride your bike. This gains more importance when you go on a long road trip. Be it gloves or a face mask, it should fit properly. It should feel like an extension of your body and not like a foreign object affecting your riding ability.

  • Styling

Riding a bike is a stylish affair. Be it a sturdy cruiser bike or a swift-moving sports bike, style matters. The right motorcycle gear can help you make a style statement while you zoom around on your two-wheeler. However, make sure that style doesn’t trump safety and comfort. You should be prioritizing safety and comfort above style. 

  • Helmet
  • Face mask
  • Head band
  • Gloves
  • Shin pad
  • Bodysuit
  • Benefits of Investing in the right bike insurance policy:

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for all bike owners to insure their bike if they want to ride legally in India. You need to at least purchase a Third-party Liability policy to comply with legal requirements. By purchasing an insurance policy for your bike, you meet the legal requirements and follow the law of the land. 

  • Minimizing losses

Your bike is an asset and damage to an asset can result in a financial loss. You can reduce the financial losses arising due to mishaps involving your bike by going for a Comprehensive plan. It includes the mandatory clause and insures your bike from accidents, calamities, fire and theft. 

  • Personal Accident Cover

You shall have a Personal Accident cover of Rs. 15 lakhs in case you are disabled due to a bike accident. It also includes a death cover. 

Buy Bike Insurance Online

Whether you are looking for old bike insurance or new bike insurance, you should look to buy bike insurance online. Bike owners are often not aware that it is not necessary to purchase new bike insurance from bike dealers. You can purchase it on your own as well. This way, you get more freedom to choose your insurer and the coverage. 

Do not purchase or renew bike insurance in a hurry. Compare based on the coverage, price, and the services offered by the insurance company. And the most important thing of all, please read the terms and conditions before purchasing the policy. 

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