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Today, every IT professional is aware of DevOps engineering and most of them must have enough idea about what DevOps is, it’s basic tools, culture and how organizations can accelerate their application development life cycle using DevOps approach. 

So, if you are planning to learn DevOps from some IT training institutes in Bangalore, we are sharing a few tips that will help you to learn DevOps programming. 

Let’s start by discussing what exactly the DevOps is. 

What is DevOps? 

DevOps is an alignment of application development and operations together with better collaboration and communication. 

In other words, DevOps is the culture which encourages alliances between IT development and operations team to provide faster deployment to the production environment. It helps to provide a faster release and increases the speed of business to deliver their products and services. The DevOps approach allows businesses to serve their clients in a better way and let them compete strongly in the market. 

Why is DevOps Needed? 

Before DevOps came into existence, the development and operation teams were used to work completely isolated. 

Development, testing, and deployment were isolated activities being performed by different teams. Hence it caused an increased period of the software development life cycle. 

In the conventional deployment process, the team members were spending huge time in designing, developing, testing, deploying, and monitoring the project rather than building the project. 

Development and operation teams had their timelines, not synchronized with each other to avoid any further delays. 

It gave rise to the demand for faster software delivery by businesses, which was not being fulfilled at that point of time. This was the reason DevOps came into the real-world, where development and operations were being handled simultaneously. 

How to learn DevOps? 

If you are new to DevOps, you may feel like you have come into another world. You think that you have learned everything about software development, testing, network security. But everything gets changed when it comes to DevOps. DevOps is not such an easy thing for beginners but if practiced correctly with guidance, time and patience, you will be a DevOps expert. 

Below are the few tips you should follow, before going for DevOps training: 

  1. A clear understanding of what a DevOps is 

The very first thing you should focus on before learning DevOps programming is a clear understanding of DevOps processes. However, many professionals neglect this factor when choosing DevOps as a work role, later on, it becomes a problem for those. When you are chasing to pursue your career in the field of DevOps, it is essential to know absolutely what DevOps is and what it is not. 

If you are starting your career in DevOps as a fresher, you must also take note of what will make you not eligible to move into the DevOps field. As DevOps is not an individual job role, it does not include using a specific set of methods, technologies to tools, but it is a cultural shift. DevOps introduces a cost-effective and productive approach in the field of software development. 

  1. Know about basic DevOps culture 

It is mandatory to understand the basic DevOps culture for the learner to be a perfect DevOps engineer. Technical skills like coding, Linux, scripting knowledge, development, and testing and deployment technologies are essential. The learner must also have a good understanding of cloud service platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud. 

The DevOps team is responsible to integrate build and source code management tools and ensure continuous integration for testing. They should have a little idea about how to deploy and configure a test and production environment. Basic knowledge of programming language such as Java, Python, and knowledge of automation tools is also essential to become a successful DevOps engineer. The DevOps engineer should be willing to learn new technologies to adapt to face challenges. 

  1. Search for the classes by professionals 

Trying to learn DevOps on your own is nearly impossible. If you have the guidance of some professional and experienced trainers, that will be much value in the learning process. So, the student must enroll himself for a course that covers all fundamental practices of DevOps engineering or find anyone willing to teach the concepts of DevOps. 

There are many IT training institutes in Bangalore, which provides DevOps training. All you need to do is to find the best DevOps training in Bangalore, who can help you to establish the fundamentals and core concepts of DevOps, which will put a good foundation for upcoming projects. Having someone to clarify your queries is invaluable. Responses and feedbacks from professional DevOps engineers will be most helpful while learning DevOps. 

  1. Don’t skip any topic 

DevOps is the combination of huge complex things. Just because you don’t understand any topic correctly, don’t skip that topic. If you want to clear all your concepts and understand that what exactly the particular tool is doing or how it is useful in the development process, you need to passionately engage yourself in the learning process. 

Topics like security and code analysis are complex ones, so don’t skip them, instead of, take notes, do research on your own, and ask questions. DevOps engineering has a large community of developers, engineers, and project managers. Try to ask your questions on the blog, online forums. The guidance of experienced professionals will add value to your learning. 

  1. Practice Regularly 

When you are practicing on your own, at some point of time, you need to work with various tools and technologies you are learning. Explore the tools and try to follow the online tutorials to create small projects to implement the things that you are learning. Things may not work correctly for the first time, so try and try again. Don’t give up. 

Initial setup is the longest and toughest part of the practice, but it is worth to do it. If you learn well to create, automate and manage your software, you have come so close to become the DevOps programmer. 

From all of the above points, we can say that learning DevOps can be complicated and challenging but if you get a good instructor and proper guidance, things become much easier.

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