8 Best Gifts for Kid Guitar Players


Guitar-Gift-for-KidsLearning to play the guitar is wonderful. But studies have consistently shown how good learning music can be for children. It has plenty of benefits from simple enjoyment to cognitive improvements. Therefore, you should consider encouraging your child’s guitar enthusiasm at all times.

If you do have a budging guitar player in your family, a little gift can be inspiring and motivational. Here are eight gifts for kid guitar players.

A child-friendly guitar

Depending on the kid’s age, it’s important that they have a guitar that’s comfortable to hold and easy to play at that age. Adult guitars are not a good option for kids, as they can be clumsy to hold and to play. You can find a link to a discount voucher with Zanui right here: https://www.ozcodes.com.au/store/zanui/. The site has a great children’s guitar on sale right now.

A guitar pick maker

Guitar picks are an essential part of playing but they can be easy to lose or break. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying picks for your kid. Instead, you can purchase a guitar pick maker.

The machine looks, essentially, like a stapler and you can use it to create your own picks from different things. You can use old credit cards, loyalty cards and so on – your child doesn’t just get to have an endless stream of picks but also use his or her creativity while making them.

A guitar backpack

If your kid starting school soon, you might buy them a guitar backpack. You can find one at Attavanti.com – The guitar-shaped backpack is perfect for showing their love of music and carrying all the important school things. Of course, if your kid is taking guitar lessons, the backpack is perfect for carrying notes.

A book of chords

It’s important to practice playing the guitar as often as possible. For this, books with chords can be a fantastic idea and there are plenty on the market that are suitable for kids. Some books to keep in mind include:

  • Hal Leonard’s Rock Guitar for Kids
  • Faber Music, John Longworth and Nick Walker’s Guitar Basics
  • Wise Publication’s The Complete Guitar Player Children’s Songs

These have fun and simple songs for beginners and kids to play. The books will be fun for the whole family, including lyrics to the songs as well.

Guitar-themed furniture

You can also find plenty of guitar inspiration for kid’s room décor. One of the favourite ideas is to pick outlet covers for lights. The guitar-themed outlet covers are available on Amazon and they are perfect for adding a bit of guitar passion to your kid’s room.

Other furniture gift  ideas include guitar shaped lamps and rugs. A huge, colourful guitar rug on the floor is a superb idea. You might also pick guitar pillows, guitar bedding and guitar curtains. There are plenty of fun options for decorating the kid’s room with guitar passion.

A guitar-themed mug

You can also surprise your kid with a guitar-themed mug and cutlery. Novelty mugs are a fun gift idea and they fit all occasions. You can find plenty of them online – just search for “guitar novelty mug” on Google. If you can, get a personalized mug that allows you to incorporate the child’s name into the mug and perhaps add the child’s favourite guitar chords.

To make this simple gift idea a bit more special, you can fill the mug with sweets. These can be chocolates or guitar shaped candies you can order online. It’s a little, fun treat for the child to have – for example, as an end of year gift.

A guitar game for the console or PC

If your child is also into video games, then a computer-focused game for console or PC will be a great gift. Some of the top games include Guitar Hero and Rocksmith. You can play these with others – it’s a fun way to challenge your friends. While the games are not really like playing the real guitar, they can still be a fun way to learn about notes and to improve your finger movement. It can be a nice change for playing the guitar.

iTunes gift card

Of course, music lovers will always love gift cards to buy more music. Young guitar players would appreciate a digital gift card like one with iTunes. This will allow them to buy all the guitar tunes they want – listening to music is a great way of learning to play as well. If you want, you can also incorporate quality headphones to the gift – this can also be a good gift to those with an electronic guitar to allow the child to practice in peace.

So, when you need a gift, keep this list in mind. The list is a nice mix of cheap and pricier gifts to ensure you find something for all occasions. You’ll find something lovely for that little guitarist in your life and help them feel inspired to continue their journey to learn to play the guitar.

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