AC or Cooler: Which One Is Better And Why?


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AC Or Cooler

With increasing temperature throughout the globe, over time people have had to come up with different strategies to cope with the changing situations. To battle, the heat people came up with two major solutions. One of these was the air conditioners and the other was the coolers. Now both of these have their own merits and demerits. They are also suitable for different places where the kind of heat they are to deal with is different. But what if you are planning to buy either of them and are confused as to which choice you are to make? We are here to tell you where the difference lies. All you need to do is read on. 

Features of an AC

Here are some salient features of an air conditioner. Take a look before we go on further:

Not budget-friendly

Buying an air conditioner surely would not go easy on your pocket. The starting price of an air conditioner is around $40- $50, and that comes with the most nominal of the services that an air conditioner is meant to perform. However, you can sometimes get them on rent, such as in Ahmedabad, you can get AC on rent in Ahmedabad if you are looking for a temporary solution. 

Uses a refrigerant and a chemical coolant:

An AC uses chemical coolants to condition the air around it. Even though it does cool the room temperature, it is equally hot when they are turned off.

Not portable:

Once you install your AC, it cannot be moved from there. It is not portable and uses up a lot of energy and power as well. 

Convenient for both humid and dry areas:

An AC is useful in places where the climate is humid as well as in places where it is dry. This makes it a convenient option for people living in both places. 

Features of an air cooler:

Here we have enlisted some features of an air cooler. Let’s take a look and see how it differs from an air conditioner. 


Air coolers unlike air conditioners are budget-friendly. They will go easy on your pockets. With about $40 or $50, you can get yourself a good air cooler with quite many features in it. You can also get them on rent. For instance, in places such as Ahmedabad, some places provide air cooler on rent in Ahmedabad at an affordable rate. 

Water absorbent:

Air coolers reduce the heat in your room by making use of water-absorbent pads. They do not use any chemical substances to achieve the assigned work. 


This is probably the best part of having an air cooler. You can take it wherever you go and it is super easy to carry as well. 

Convenient for dry areas:

Not that air coolers would not work in humid areas, but they work the best in dry areas. This is because of its use of water pads that in humid areas it is a not so convenient option. 

We have now laid down the facts and features about both an AC and air cooler. AC has various drawbacks such as the money factor and is the use of chemical coolants. Air coolers on the other hand are quite pocket friendly and use water as a coolant. But if you are someone living in humid regions, then AC would be the better option to go for, while for dry areas, air coolers are always the way you must go. 

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