Best Tasting Low-Carb & Keto Diet Foods


Best-Tasting-Low-Carb-&-Keto-Diet-FoodsI started a low carbohydrate diet because of a health issue (fibromyalgia), and it was easy at first, but not as easy as I started to get better, and therefore didn’t have as much motivation.

Plus, I wanted to be eating what my family and friends were eating around me.

These days, although I am not still on a ‘diet,’ I do prefer to eat more low and moderate carb, and I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a yummy and fun low-carbohydrate meal.

Let me share with you the all the yummy, fun, good-tasting, low carb food I have found. And please, if you don’t see your favorite on the list, leave me a comment!

I am back on the low carb diet because I had high blood pressure in my current pregnancy, so I am fully low-carb again.

Which IS The Best Low Carb Diet?

I do a cross between Atkin, Keto Diet and Protein Power, but I think to get started Keto Diet is the best because it’s not too restrictive and tells you EXACTLY why low carb diets work.

Also, I am taking low carb protein powder. I like Perfect Keto brand. HealhNerdy is writing a few great articles on a topic and some in-depth reviews of Perfect Keto for weight loss and ketosis.

My Favorite Low Carb Foods

Low-Carb Pasta (and my favorite low-carb pasta)!

The best tasting low-carb pasta is hands-down Dream fields. It only has 5 grams digestible carbs per serving, and it feels marvelous – easily as good as any regular pasta. I feed it to my family (none of whom are eating low-carb), and they don’t know the difference. They have no idea.

I buy it by the case to keep costs down.

I once read on the Internet that a woman who had diabetes and checking her blood sugar after she ate it had no rise in blood sugar the first time, but when she reheated it she did have a little increase in blood sugar, so I never heat it. I make as much as I can eat at a time.

Try it; I think you’ll like it 🙂

Ooh, lately I signed up with dream fields to get a taste and tell kit. They send you a bunch of coupons for a dollar off to give to your friends. The newspaper inserts have also had coupons for 55 cents off, so that helps with costs too. Combine a coupon with a sale, and it’s almost like you are buying regular pasta.

Combine a $1 off coupon with a doubler at Albertsons, and the price is down to .99 a box – BETTER than regular pasta 🙂

Without a taste and tell kit, you can get a $1 off coupon just for signing up for the newsletter at the website.

(digestible carbs … they wrap the pasta carbs in inulin, so your body thinks they are fiber I believe – this is how it keeps your blood sugar from spiking.)

When I am serious about just low carb, I don’t eat this. But it’s okay for maintenance.

Low Carb Bread

I’ve tried a few low-carb bread versions, and none of them are exactly like regular bread, how can they be?

But, there is one low-carb bread that is TRULY low carb (only 1 gram net carbs) and still can be toasted or dipped in soup and taste quite right. It’s OK on sandwiches too, but I like only one slice. Otherwise, it can overwhelm whatever is in it.

It’s Julian’s Smart Carb #1. Check it out. 🙂

I can’t wait to try Julian’s new coconut Paleo Bread and Almond Paleo bread – they are both low carb. They will be out soon.

There is also smart carb #2; it has raisins and cinnamon and only 2 grams of carbs per slice. This is what I’m eating now. It tastes perfect and smells lovely when toasting.

I’m back on smart carb number 1 – if anyone has tried the keto bread, I would love to hear from you.

Update! I tried the paleo bread made with coconut flour! It’s exciting and tasty. A little eggy – almost like a pancake.

It only has 1 gram of carbohydrates per slice. I will review it in more detail soon after I eat it a few more times.

I had it under eggs this morning. It was good. It has a bit of an ammonia smell after being toasted. It may be from the psyllium or the apple cider vinegar – not sure. It doesn’t taste like ammonia, smells like it.

Low Carbohydrate Milk

This is the milk I drink. I get it in the refrigerated section of fred meyers or the health food store but if you have to get it online, this is shelf-stable.

It is SOOOOO GOOOD for you. After I started drinking at least a cup a day – an abcessed tooth I had reversed itself. I try to drink as much as possible. It has one gram of carbs in it. If you aren’t eating any or much sugar it may taste slightly sweet to you. it does to me.

Best Tasting Low Carb Chocolate

This is an easy one. Chocoperfection! At only 2 grams net carbs, this is the truly low carb. I like the milk chocolate one the best. It tastes quite good and has a perfect chocolate-bar texture. This is another one to buy in bulk to keep costs down.

The sweeteners in this chocolate – erythritol, and inulin, have recently started bothering my stomach, so I don’t eat these anymore 🙁 I’m not sure why. I think it’s just the Inulin, which is pure fiber. Erythritol seems to be ok for me.

Best Tasting Low Carbohydrate Tortilla Wrap

The Mission Carb Balance White Flour Tortillas taste good. I love them. They taste so good you have to wonder … 🙂

Just FYI, I’m on a strict low carb diet right now to control blood pressure while pregnant. I am NOT eating these right now because I don’t think it is low carb enough for my plan.

I will go back to eating them again after I give birth. They are great with some meatloaf and cheese or chicken salad. It’s almost like “normal” eating.

Best Low Carb Sugar Substitute

So, I like Xylitol and Erythritol. What do you want to use as a low carb sugar substitute? Vote here.

Keto Milk Shakes

You can also enjoy delicious Keto milk shakes from Konscious Keto to make your diet a easy and tastey. It helps to curb your craving and keeps you feeling full for hours.

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