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Slovenian citizenship by repatriation: lawyers of MigrationCentr, customer reviews

Slovenia, same as other EU states, suggests beneficial life to immigrants in case they have decided to relocate legally and for a long period of time. European Union citizenship provides more opportunities than RP or PRP and can be valid much longer.

Relocation to Slovenia or any other EU country can be simply handled by the experts in migration field, such as MigrationCentr. More about its support and the reviews from the real clients read below.

MigrationCentr: obtaining Slovenian passport

The process of acquiring a Slovenian passport with can be divided into 5 steps:

  1. Proof of origin. The certificates, the client should present to the lawyers are the baptismal certificate, birth certificate or both;
  2. Preparation of the documents, including translation and notarization of them;
  3. Filling in the dossier and submitting it to Upravna Enota by the lawyers;
  4. The oath of allegiance should be taken by the clients themselves. In case the procedure was performed correctly, an applicant receives the citizenship certificate;
  5. Obtaining the internal documents of Slovenia (such as ID-card, TIN, international passport, and driver’s license if it is needed).

Pros of Slovenian citizenship for the immigrants

Holders of Slovenian ID-card get such opportunities as:

  • Visa-free entrance to more than 180 countries;
  • Ability to have dual citizenship;
  • High level of healthcare;
  • Stable economy;
  • Prosperous country;
  • Chance to get a leadership position at a prestigious company;

Moreover, people who have relocated by naturalization and are now the residents of Slovenia, as passport holders, will get the work offer faster than the immigrants with the residence permit, in accordance with the information in the reviews.

Requirements for the applicants

People, who have decided to obtain the Slovenian passport by repatriation should follow strict requirements, which are to:

  • Be 18 years old;
  • Have the proof of ethnicity;
  • Present the valid documents;
  • Have no criminal records.

Reviews on

Over the years of work in the field of international migration, has received a lot of customer reviews. Having analyzed feedback on trusted sites such as Google reviews, Trustpilot, Provenexpert, we found a significant part of positive mentions. The company’s clients admit in their reviews the comfort of a common journey, because offers online consultations. Nevertheless, such activities as the mandatory signing of the contract, strict adherence to the advice of lawyers, notarization of documents, etc. are what make the company trustworthy and attract more immigrants to cooperate with it.

Conclusion about MigrationCentr

Relocation to Slovenia or just planning to run business there is a reason to register the passport of the country. suggests a great support during the process of acquiring the citizenship. According to reviews and the information on the website, the company’s lawyers are able to cope with many stages without the participation of clients. In addition, as mentioned above, the company works legally, in accordance with EU legislation, which gives us a reason for considering it one of the most attractive companies in the immigration field.

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