Oh yeah, the grass is green…


Ever wondered why the grass always looks greener on the other side…
Ever wondered why all of us have to experience it and never learn from others…
Ever wondered why it keeps happening to us despite all the years of been-there-done-that…

One extraordinary girl Nelly across the seven seas and another ordinary girl next door, Rakshita have some wonderful insights worth reading…


“Oh, I once had something
Something that was so good
Better than the last thing I touched
Then I turned right around on that something
And figured I didn’t like that much
Oh yeah, the grass is green
But can you tell me, can you feel it, I just wanna feel it
Oh yeah, the grass is green
But I think I stained my jeans and now everybody knows thah i been in itGrass is green Nelly Furtado
I am a believer
But as i was standing
In line, somebody took my place
Yes, i’m a believer, never mind what they say
I got so tired along the way
Oh yeah, the grass is green…

Nelly Furtado, “The Grass Is Green” Album: Folklore

Today’s green patch is tommorrow’s barren land

What looks like a greener pasture to you today, might turn out to be a piece of barren land when you stand on it tomorrow!


Seriously, human desires, wishes, dreams, aspirations have no boundaries, and can never be fulfilled. I remember how happy I was when my dad bought me a purple shaded ladybird cycle, when I was in my 9th Std. The happiness sustained just for two years, as when in college I wished to ride a Honda Activa and not a Ladybird. My dad bought me a bike, when I was in college and I dreamt of driving a car. Today I am driving a car, hoping to drive a luxurious one someday. I am sure that when that day comes, when I will be driving a posh SUV on Indian roads, I would be cursing the day I learnt to drive and hire a driver to ferry me around.

The grass always looks greener on the other side! When you step on that green patch, you see greenery somewhere else, and just barren land under your foot.

I was a crime reporter, till about two months back. Although I enjoyed my job, I always envied those who were into a 9 to 5 job and had weekends off. While they spent their weekends relaxing I used to work 24 hrs a day, whether I was physically present in office or not.I was jealous, because, although I used to work for longer hours I was being paid in pittance. I was jealous, I was angry, I was frustrated….

I ended my career in journalism to move into a more secured job. Today, even I work from 9 to 5 and have the entire weekends to myself. But I am still not happy. The expressions from anger, jealous, frustration have changed to boredom, lack of satisfaction, a feeling of being unproductive…

Today I look back and when I compare myself from a crime reporter to an editorial head of a mechanical publication I realise this land of boredom was my lush green pasture few months back. Probably its the initial stage feeling. I have sown some seeds of happiness and with time I shall also reap some green patches on this barren land….. Hopefully 🙂

Crime reporting was my first love and that will always be cherished. But time to move on…

– Rakshita Adyanthaya

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  1. I see greenery here and everywhere now… Thanks Levine for that extraordinary comparison of the ordinary and not so ordinary…. Thanks


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