How to Tackle Muscle Pain Naturally



Playing your favourite sport after what seems like an eternity is a great feeling. But what about the muscle pain that lingers in your body after that hard-hitting game you played? Now, it seems like you made a mistake by going overboard with the game.

The whole week is ahead of you and your body is already giving the signs that you went too far with the limitations of your muscles which are not accustomed to such vigorous activity anymore. However, regrets won’t take you anywhere. The best step is to learn how to tackle such muscle pain and that too naturally.

If you are not aware of some natural ways, we are more than happy to help you. Here are some ways that can make your pain vanish naturally. Take a look!

The Nature’s Antidote

Not many of us turn to our nature’s gift to alleviate our health issues even though it is known for having a cure for almost all the problems. Be it your back pain, neck pain or the strain in your waist, natural painkillers can treat them all. Moreover, natural remedies do not have side effects the way allopathic medicines have on your body. Therefore, turning to the nature’s antidote is the best way.

Some of the common herbs and spices that tackle pain easily are willow bark, turmeric and cloves. You can also check the ayurvedic medicine list from websites like and choose the one that is suitable for your pain.

Tackle with Acupuncture

This one is quite an interesting technique to get rid of muscle pain. An ancient Chinese medical practice, acupuncture works on the body by establishing a balance of the flow of energy in the body.

An acupuncturist places tiny needles in the body to relive the pain. It is believed that acupuncture causes the body to release serotonin, a chemical that relives pain while making you feel good. So, head to a good acupuncturist and get the perks of this amazing technique.

Manage with Massage

A very simple yet effective way, massaging can help ease stiffness and soreness in muscles. Not only this but massaging also improves the blood circulation in your body, reduces muscle tightness and relaxes the body.

There are various massage oils available in the chemist near you. If chemist is not there, you can always go to the online platforms where you can get the oils from the section where ayurvedic medicine list is readily available.

Heat and Ice

You definitely know about this one and don’t believe much in the power of this method. Well, you will know it now. Both ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ packs are applied according to the pain. For instance, if you have suffered from a strained muscle and swelling has begun, you can apply ice pack on the affected area immediately and notice the relief in some while.

Now, hot pack is mostly applied in the cases of muscle stiffness due to sprains and strains. People also use hot packs for joint pains. You can consult a pharmacist or doctor to know how to utilise this method for an effective result.

Done reading? Well then next time you experience muscle pain, do not forget to try them. However, you must always remember the limits of your body. If it gives you signal that something is not good, listen to it and act accordingly. Give yourself some time before jumping into the vigorous activities on a sudden note.

You can also enhance your body’s immunity and boost its power by taking some ayurvedic tonics and be ready for the next game.

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