List of Delicious Cakes for the Health Freaks


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How is it even possible for anyone to say no to delicious and lip-smacking cake? Well, yeah, but some people tend to say no for the cakes not because they do not like them. But rather, they love them so much that they can go over the board and fill them into their tummies. So, the people who belong to the category of people who believe in staying healthy often avoid eating cakes.

Only they have the guts to say no to a delicious thing like cake. We should abstain from eating junk though, but that removes those divine baked cookies, chocolate bars, and everything else. For most of us, cakes have been almost that one-stop solution. It is because, on our every birthday or random celebration, the first thing which we look for is a delicious cake. But then with it comes a tension of gaining weight and hence many people shift back to quitting the cake motto. However, this is not at all possible for many.

For all health junkies, they must consume food that has a reduced amount of sugars in it. And these days, this staying healthy trend has covered up almost all the people. If you are also one of the health freaks, then do not worry as here are some cakes which you can surely consider binging on. If you are a true health freak, then these delicious cakes can be your birthday cake also.

Multigrain Atta Cake

Almost every other people is in a misconception that for keeping oneself healthy, we need to quit eating. However, this multigrain cake proves that sometimes we also need to add in for gaining good health. Gorging on a multigrain fiber cake will help you gain loads of nutrients which will help you in muscle growth. A balanced multigrain fiber cake will bring you both, health and taste.

Carrot Cake

One can say that this amazing carrot cake is a replacement for the red velvet cake for you. This one is made up of grated fresh carrots with a lot of ghee, flour, and milk in it. The carrot cake is healthy as the quantity of refined flour is very less when compared to other normal cakes.

Sugar-Free Dry Cake

Are you a sugar-lover since childhood? Is your heart wrenched just by the idea of abandoning desserts? It is very well known that it does. I mean, they do. Are your hunger pangs shouting fruit cakes, chocolate chip cookies, or cheesecake when you pass by a nearby bakery? Well, if yes then make sure that you order this delicious yet dry sugar-free cake.

Nut Cake

The next healthy cake on our list is surely going to be a dry nut cake. You can find this one in both vanilla and chocolate flavor. We bet that you are going to drool over this cake and are going to order loads of these. This cake contains a handful of nuts from cashews, to almonds, raisins, and walnuts. 

Red Velvet Beetroot Cake

You can surely consider having this very special red velvet cake with beetroot in it. In this cake, the beetroot is grated and then added to it for providing natural color without any additives.

It surely does feel special that you are eating the healthiest cakes that too with loads of joy and happiness. One will be able to cheat on their diet with honesty if they are going to binge on these cakes.

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