Skills That Desktop Administrators Will Hone through Microsoft MD-100 Exam and Practice Tests




Desktop administrators’ responsibilities involve installation, configuration, upgrade, maintenance, and support of desktop systems. They must consider the requests of their customers while carrying out these tasks. That’s why it’s vital that they have adequate skills that will render them helpful. The Microsoft MD-100 exam has been fashioned to suit them. This post takes a closer look at this Microsoft test by explaining what it means to become a desktop administrator and the skills involved in this process. We have also prepared it to guide you through preparing for this assessment using practice tests so that you can be fully equipped to pass it with flying colours. Let’s begin with some critical information about exam

Exam MD-100 Critical Details

The Microsoft MD-100 Windows 10 test is fit for you if you wish to clinch the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate badge. You have to get through MD-100 initially before getting to the second MD-101 exam so that you can fulfil the certification preconditions. But in case you had passed 70-698 test before its expiry date in March 2019, then you can skip MD-100 exam and go straight to assessment MD-101. Coming back to MD-100, this exam typically targets candidates who take part in deploying, configuring, securing, and monitoring devices as well as client apps in an enterprise domain. In this case, there are indispensable skills that one should have if they want to successfully do their job visit

Skills Measured by Exam MD-100

According to the MD-100 exam outline, candidates must be adept with specific desktop administration skills, which include:

Deploying Windows

In this domain, test-takers must demonstrate their deftness in deploying Windows 10. Their competence should also be recognizable in carrying out configuration services once they have performed the installation. For this topic, areas to cover include configuring edge as well as internet explorer, and configuring mobility settings among others.

Device and data management

Certbolt Microsoft MD-100 Practice Test Questions will determine if you can manage devices as well as data. Some of the tasks involved there include managing local groups, local users, and devices, configuring data access as well as protection, usage of local policies to configure devices, and managing Windows security.

Configuring connectivity

Desktop administrators must be accomplished with configuring connectivity. The skills involved in this domain include configuring networking and remote connectivity.

Windows maintenance

You also need to show you can maintain Windows by passing this MD-100 test. That means that you have to be familiar with configuring systems as well as the data recovery, managing updates, and monitoring Windows Click.

Before you take your MD-100 exam, it’s highly recommended that you prepare adequately for it and take a practice test to be familiar to what is waiting for you at the exam. Past exams are an essential aspect of every test prep process as they reflect the structure and setting of the actual assessment Visit.


Every technical domain, including desktop administration, calls for practical skills. The Certbolt Microsoft AZ-500 Practice Test Questions offers you a golden opportunity to pick up these skills. And with effective preparation approaches such as practice tests, you have no excuse not to make this a reality. If you’ve always been dreaming about becoming a desktop administrator, then you now have a chance. Just pick it up and run with it!

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