Prevention Steps and Remedies for Contaminated Water


Remedies for Contaminated Water
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We all are enlightened about the importance of water in our life. It is rightly said that ‘Water is Life’. We need water in almost everything. We cannot imagine life without water. It is required for everyday activities be it domestic use or industrial purposes. But if the water gets contaminated by any chance then our life and the full ecosystem comes in danger. So, we need to save water from getting contaminated.

What are the Effects of Water Contamination?

Effects of water contamination are endless and detrimental. Here we have mentioned few effects which top the list.

Diseases in Human Beings

It is said ‘Water is your best friend for life’ but with contaminated water humans as well as animals can get diseased and effected from destructive diseases that can even take life away. Consumption of contaminated water can cause several diseases which happen due to bacteria, germs, viruses, arsenic and parasites. Most noxious diseases that can happen if contaminated water is consumed are –

  • Diarrhoea
  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • High fever
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Dengue
  • Malaria
  • Cryptosporidiosis

Effect on Ecosystem and Food Chains

Contaminated Water
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Contaminated water creates a remarkable effect on the ecosystem and food chains as water is one of the major components on both the natural procedures. As all the factors of the food chain and ecosystem either depends on water or is water itself so water contamination leads to the destruction of the whole cycle of mother earth.

Here are a few facts based on Survey

There are innumerable death cases that have occurred due to the consumption of contaminated water. Here we have mentioned a few facts:

Research and survey show innumerous deaths occurred due to the consumption of contaminated water. Death has been reported in every State in India by diseases like Cholera, Viral Hepatitis, Enteric Fever (Typhoid) as well as Diarrhoea.

In 2018, from January to September 1412 diseases occurred due to contaminated water. If calculated, it comes to the result which shows 1 death happens every 1hour which definitely have to be stopped. 

From January 2014 to September 2017, 8324 deaths occurred due to water contamination usage.

What are the Prevention Steps and Remedies for Contaminated Water?

Usage and Usefulness of Water Purifier

Water Purifier should be installed in homes, offices and schools to purify water that is used mainly for drinking and cooking. Good quality Water purifiers are extremely useful in decontaminating and filtering water and making it ideal for drinking. It filters water from prominent and lethal pollutants like arsenic which can cause malignant diseases like cancer. Water Purifiers treats water in several layers and sterilizes it.

Water Purifiers not only filtrates water but also makes it taste and smell better. You can use the purified water for drinking, cooking or even bathing without any worry. Consuming purified water makes you detoxified and your skin hydrated. Also when you intake purified water, you become much more able to absorb nutrients which you input with food items.

Pure Water
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Awareness among common people

The major reasons for water contamination occur due to unawareness among people about the possible malevolent drawbacks of polluted water intake or consumption. Creating awareness programs and making strict laws for the disposal of wastes in their assigned places should be arranged so that people from do not discharge agricultural, domestic or industrial wastes in water bodies.

Water Contamination has become a very major, damaging and inescapable problem for society. This problem should be nurtured with extreme care and awareness or else the rhythm and flow of ecosystems and the food chains will be vandalized leading to massive destruction of Mother Nature.

How does water get contaminated?

Water contamination is caused on various grounds that has become unavoidable nowadays and due to innumerous loopholes in the process of waste disposal, water contamination has become a very general thing.

Outlawed release of waste 

There are several factories and small-scale industries who dispose off the waste in an illegal process to avoid the charges properly levied for waste disposal. They often dispose off the waste in the nearby water body which lets the water in the water body get contaminated as well as the connecting water body also gets infected. The sewerage pipes that carry the waste out from the factories are often connected to a water body and therefore hazardous wastes get excreted in the water body.

Not only, industrial waste, several households also dispense their trash in water bodies, hence adding some more pollutants in water.

Mining activities

When mining is done, it usually deals with the squashing of coal which further leads to the release of harmful sulphides and trace metals. These substances lead to the formation of sulphuric acid in the company of precipitated water.

Overspill of agricultural waste

Agricultural wastes that get spilt in water bodies contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and other chemicals that are added in the field for healthy crop growth or plantation. Hence, contaminating water to a high extent.

Sewerage leaking

There are several loopholes from where wastes get leaked from malfunctioned sewerage pipes. Such wastes contribute trihalomethane and other pollutants in the water. As water is a universal solvent, therefore, it dissolves any sort of chemicals in it making itself contaminated.

Stormwater spill

While there is a natural calamity like acid rain or storm, dust along with roadside wastes containing highly hazardous substances get spilt in water bodies and forms a top layer which further forms a top layer on it.

Plastic waste

Plastic waste is considered to be the most effective and harmful to the contamination of water. Plastic, which gets degraded slowly, if by mistake gets disposed of in water can affect it in the worst possible way.  

Stagnant water and mosquitoes

Mosquitoes lay eggs on fresh and stagnant water. This not only makes the water contaminated but also allows breeding of germ-carrying mosquitoes.

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