Travel Checklist of Documents to Carry While Travelling to USA


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As exciting as the prospect of travelling to the USA may be, it can be a big hassle if you do not have the right document handy at the right time, whether you are travelling for study, pleasure or business. If you do not carry the correct documents you could face all sorts of problems, not least being deported back to your country. Also, do not forget to get yourself a good travel insurance online policy. For your convenience, here we list out the documents along with a USA travel guide you need to keep handy while travelling to the USA:

  • Passport: You need to ensure that you carry your original passport with photocopies of it. You may also keep a copy of it in electronic form on your mobile device.
  • Visa:  Your visa category defines the purpose of your travel, so it is imperative that you carry your visa and related documents.
  • Flight ticket:  It goes without saying that you need your flight tickets handy. Book them as soon as possible to get the most reasonable price.
  • Boarding pass:  You will have to collect your boarding pass on checking into the airport and keep it very handy.
  • E-copies of documents: It would be wise to save copies of all your documents in electronic form on your mobile or in the cloud. These documents would be a passport, ID proof, address proof, addresses of all your contacts in the US, etc., just in case, you lose the hard copies.
  • Medicines: You should also have all your medication in your carry-on luggage, but ensure that you are conversant with the guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

USA travel guide

Here are a few useful tips on how to behave while in the USA so that you can make great friends and not antagonize anyone:

  • Always exchange a smile with people you come across on the street or at work, as it is the ‘done’ thing, unlike in India. 
  • Hold the doors open for the person coming behind you, and keep the lift door open for people coming in. Not to do so is considered rude.
  • Do not stare at others directly in the eyes without any reason, as it is considered to be uncultured.
  • Greet people ‘good morning, evening’, etc., but don’t expect them to reply.
  • Address people by their first names, they like it.
  • Religiously avoid cracking racist jokes, especially when you are in your office or professional circles.
  • When you eat outside, leave generous tips – around 15% to 20% is considered normal. If you are paying by card, ensure that you add it with the payment. Also, remember that fast food joints do not expect any tips.
  • Do not touch or hug a person without their permission, or unless offered a handshake, because unsolicited advances, as in India, are considered obnoxious.

Most importantly, to avoid any untoward or unpleasant event, ensure that you buy travel insurance. 


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