Why should we have hope in this ever-changing world?


have hope

The world is a moving sphere, slowly and sometimes rapidly changing speed, absorbed in a Kaleidoscope of colourful (Happiness, joy and other synonyms) and sometimes not so colourful emotions and feelings (sometimes referred to as depression or melancholy). “Hope” is an anti-dote to this depression, it helps individuals living within the sphere keep pace with the movements of the sphere, especially when certain emotions and feelings residing in their own worlds or a major portion of the sphere/world in general, become saturnine and dark.

Hope to a human is like water to a fish, and it is like oxygen to all sentient and living beings. Hope is respite to the parched throat, it is an anodyne on bruised skin, and it is the thread that binds humanity together. It is a lube for the moving sphere – either your own little sphere or the world at large.

Since human beings have divided “Time” into “The Past, Present and The Future”, let us send a smattering of hope to the present and also to the future. Ironically, hope for the past is an unusual concept; why would someone bother sending a fistful of hope to the past? The past is done with, isn’t it? But then why does our past affect our present or the future? It does, doesn’t it? So, we can choose to believe that we are sending a chunk of hope to the past as well; to the past of our continent, our country, to the past of wonderful individuals we have interacted with and continue to interact with, and to the past of our own little spheres.

Having sent hope to “Time” in its entirety, we can now “hope” to have a somewhat friction-less existence in this constantly changing sphere of a world.

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