5 Spectacular Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom to Make Your Dream Sweeter


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Your bedroom is supposed to be your getaway, a personal cosy & warm space, and a sanctuary that brings out your real personality and style. The sight of a well-decorated bedroom not only lifts your spirits high but also promotes a good night’s sleep. Implementing some makeover ideas only to feel your bedroom like a retreat is justifiable. After all, here’s where you rest & recharge yourself after a long, tiring day.

So, what’s the first thing that strikes your mind when you think of surveying about bedroom wall decor online? To figure out how you would hang that flat-screen smart TV? Stop thinking immediately, because this post will help you think out of the (idiot) box! Here’s presenting the spectacular wall decor ideas to fit the appeal of a warm bedroom.

1. Bring Your Outdoor In

Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom 02

Who told you that going tropical is out of fashion? An eye-soothing wall decor idea is to bring the outer space inside your bedroom. When you incorporate a green corner inside your bedroom, it not only adds an organic touch but also magnifies the setup. Add a little of nature by hanging planters and bring life to the walls.

2. Paint a Mural


Sprucing up an empty wall in your bedroom is unquestionably an excellent idea. If you don’t want to splurge on wall shelves, you can try putting a creative hat on by creating a mural. Murals are best to add an extraordinary texture to your room. Painting a mural is a creative take that you can adopt into one of your bedroom walls.

3. Mirror! Mirror on Your Wall!


Imagine painting a mural on one wall and installing a mirror on the opposite wall. If the opposite wall has a contrasting colour (in comparison to the mural), don’t you think it will enhance the gorgeous appeal of your bedroom? Besides, bedroom wall mirror serve a purpose for ladies and lads while decking up. Installing it will reflect light and brighten up the setting.

4. A Wall Galley with Loads of Memories


Wouldn’t a gallery wall full of a collection of miniature photographs be nostalgic? There are certain times in life when you choose to walk down the nostalgic trail of life, sitting by the side of a window. Ah! That’s a kind of personal feeling. But now you can create your nostalgic corner inside your bedroom. And a gallery wall can serve the purpose.

5. Installing Sculptural Sconces


Answering whether or not these have gone outdated is nowhere challenging; because it’s a resounding no. And anyone who has sat under the unappealing bulbs before already understands that good lighting would make the differences. Sculptural sconces are the final bet in this post due to their true-blue reasons. While sconces can add sophistication, dimmers would add romance. That’s how different styles of lighting can create different moods.

Final Thoughts

Remember, when you want to craft an eye-soothing and calming bedroom, it must hold a comforting and cosy appeal. Besides, you’d never want to wake up at the sight of a bare white wall, would you? Keeping all these things in mind, you can take inspiration from here and plan to decorate your intimate space with inviting wall decor ideas.

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