6 Amazing Features of an Electric Grinder


Features of an Electric Grinder

Most people use an electric grinder only to prepare smoothies and shake. However, if put to right use, this appliance can help you cut down the total time spent in the kitchen by almost half. For instance, the KENT Turbo Grinder and Blender is a coming of age smart appliance that comes with a high-speed blender that will allow you prepare soups, smoothies, dosa batter and even assist in grinding dry and wet masala for everyday use. This grinding machine is going to be a welcome addition to your kitchen. Here are the top 5 amazing features about this appliance that will enhance your efficiency in the kitchen.

# 1 High Power Motor

The appliance comes with a high-power motor that ensures effortless churning and grinding. Whether you want to grind rice and dal for dosa or make dry masala for your kitchen, the high-speed operation of this grinding machine that runs at 30,000 rpm will help you crush the hardest of ingredients within no time.

# 2 Advanced Safety Feature

Whether you are absent minded or not, one debacle that you may have experienced while working in the kitchen is running the blender without placing the lid on the jar. As a result, the content in your blender may have splashed all over the place that would have increased your time spent in the kitchen. However, thanks to advanced safety feature of the turbo grinder, the appliance will not start unless the lid of the jar is properly secured.

# 3 Preset Functions

The appliance comes with a total of 12 preset functions such as juice, smoothie, milkshake, ice-cream, soy milk, herbal tea, dosa mix, porridge, soup, powder, minced and steam cooking. By selecting one of these functions, you can use the grinding machine to get the desired results. The appliance also comes with a multispeed operation. Therefore, you can adjust the speed as per your need.

# 4 LCD Display for Easy Operation

The LCD display of this appliance will ensure that you use this appliance efficiently. All the buttons and reading on them is clearly indicated.

# 5 Heating Function

In most traditional blenders, you are instructed to cool down the ingredients before blending them. However, that’s not the case with this revolutionary kitchen product. This is because the heating function of the appliance allows you to prepare hot beverages like herbal tea, soups and soy milk in the most convenient manner.

# 6 Safe Usage

The appliance comes with overheating and overcurrent protection. This feature protects the machine from becoming overheated. As a result, the appliance is very safe to use. Thanks to this feature, there will be less instances of wear and tear and you can use this appliance in a safe manner for a longer duration of time.


Therefore, if you wish to prepare a full range of food in your kitchen, bring this unique appliance to your home today.  We are leading incredibly busy lives and every evening or morning cooking a healthy meal for the family can be a tedious task. Processing the food can take a lot of time which is why you need to have a smart appliance in your kitchen that increases your efficiency in the kitchen.

Besides efficiency, this grinding machine will assist you to cook healthy food. You can use a wide range of seasonal vegetables to prepare soups, smoothies, and juices. Now, cooking at home will no longer be a burden. You can surprise your family members new and healthier recipes every day.

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