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India commemorates the 14th of November each year with a lot of fun and festivity, as the Children’s Day which is also known as “Bal Diwas.” Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, was born in 1889 on this very day. The Prime Minister, known among children generally as Chacha Nehru, viewed children as the true power of the nation and as the foundation of a society. His birthday was selected for Children’s Day in India following the demise of the Prime Minister.

Besides a tribute to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s, Children’s Day also talks about the rights of children, care and education. The First Prime Minister of India had a clear idea of contemporary India and started fulfilling his ideals through the creation of strong pillars supporting the newly independent nation. He believed in empowering young souls to educate themselves, stand up and know their rights independently.


There are several events including quizzes, debates, cultural activities such as dance, music, and theatre that each school organises on this day.

Many schools also hold sports events to mark the day. School teachers frequently ask kids from neighbouring orphanages or slums to join in with the school students. These gestures are quite welcome as children learn to share and welcome everyone in society. Such actions also give students a sense of equality. Several NGOs take advantage of this day to support underprivileged children. They run several programmes for children with disabilities. People often distribute youngsters with books, food, chocolates, toys and others.

Even on the television, on children’s day, a number of special shows are broadcasted. Several journals also publish special stories this day showing the immense talents of kids in different parts of the country.

Here are some postcards for Children’s Day Wishes 

children's day wishes 1

Children are like beautiful flowers from heaven.  Let’s build this world to be a safe and happy place for our future. Happy Children’s Day!

children's day wishes 2

Children carry the hope and the dreams of a pleasant future for a brighter tomorrow. Wishing children around the world a very pleasant day!

children's day wishes 3

Let us all appreciate the innocence and purity of our children on this most beautiful day. In whatever way we can, let them feel precious. For they are our future! Because! Happy Children Day!

children's day wishes 4

The more you encourage them, the more they learn, kids are like blossoming stars. Happy Children’s Day!

children's day wishes 5

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” – Nelson Mandela

children's day wishes 6

A child cared for today will care for others tomorrow. Wishing all kids a very joyous Childrens’ day!

children's day wishes 7

Each child is a different flower and who makes this world a harmonious and magnificent garden. When you tend them properly, they blossom beautifully.

children's day wishes 8

Teach honesty to your children, teach them excellent values, teach them greatness, teach them independence. Teach your children what they need to know about kind adults who are also responsible in society. 

children's day wishes 9

Dear child, may you never lose your innocence. May life not be hard on you. May that twinkle in your eyes never lose its charm. Happy children’s day.

children's day wishes 10

May you never lose your innocence and joy. May life not be as difficult for you. May you never lose your brilliance in your eyes. Happy Childrens’ day.

children's day wishes 11

“Because children grow up, we think a child’s purpose is to grow up. But a child’s purpose is to be a child.” – Tom Stoppard 

As quoted by Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.” Children’s day is a wonderful opportunity to commemorate and celebrate Chacha Nehru and his thoughts along with educating the masses about the rights concerning the youth. Children’s day celebration is a great way to make both kids and adults aware of the true future of this country. Everyone should therefore appreciate the day and fulfil their duties by giving every child a fulfilled and joyous childhood.

The love and concern that we offer our children today, not taking into account their social and economic standing, will flourish tomorrow as the fate of our country. This concept is the gist of the Children’s Day celebrations.

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