Photo Essay: The Joys of Childhood


Author – Levine Lawrence

There is a reason why they say childhood is the best time of a person’s life. It is something so simple, yet absolutely beautiful.

When we were kids, the smallest of things gave us immense pleasure. Neither did we need materialistic stuff to be happy, nor there was a place for selfishness in our hearts. Now that we’ve walked past the most beautiful phase of our lives, the only way left to experience it again is to cherish, remember and relive all those sweet memories whenever possible.

Here’s to the sheer Joys of Childhood that can bring a wide smile to your face with just a single thought.

When colourful toddler tricycles were the best means of transport

childhood memories - tricycles

Trying to catch those fascinating water bubbles

childhood memories - catching bubbles

Remember group lunches and group studies?

childhood memories - Group Lunch

Being resourceful by collecting firewood for home

Childhood Memories - collecting-firewood

Splashing water is so much fun!

Childhood Memories - joy water

Hanging out with the group of friends

Childhood Memories - cycle trip

The great joy of planting trees every year and forgetting all about it

Childhood Memories - tree planting

Naked bath in the water streamlets

Childhood Memories - swimming naked

Petting of fluffy little kittens is a must

Childhood Memories - petting of pets

In the company of cattle…

Childhood Memories - joy water

Blindly following our elder siblings and doing what they did

Childhood Memories - Karate lessons

Roaming the streets like vagabonds

Childhood Memories-roaming-streets-at-night

A simple polythene bag would serve as a fish net

Childhood Memories-fishing in plastic bags

Now we need to widen our net and catch bigger fish


Never bothered about the harmful effects of Holi colours

Childhood Memories - joy of Holi

Deriving great joy from simple activities like skipping

Childhood Memories - Skipping Thread


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