7 Honeymoon Places in Andaman Couples Can’t Afford to Miss


Honeymoon Places in Andaman
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Andaman is one of those honeymoon destinations where the experience of spending the next few days after wedding becomes incredible. The natural beauty, amazing activities and beautiful sunsets are perfect to create intimate moments needed for such occasions. 

Andaman has been a popular choice as a honeymoon destination for newlywed couples. Andaman fulfils the checklist of a perfect honeymoon getaway like scenic views, luxurious resorts, pristine beaches and fun-filled activities to experience. 

While selecting from many Andaman Honeymoon Packages, one must make sure to include the below-mentioned places in their itinerary. 

Port Blair 

Port Blair is one of the most beautiful cities in India. The British had made this island their base and left quiet a mark here. Port Blair is the first stop where visitors arrive after landing in Andaman so it gives them ample time and opportunity to explore. One can enjoy multiple day tours, excursions and cruises here. Some of the best honeymoon resorts have made their presence in Port Blair and are ideal for a honeymoon vacation.

How to reach – Port Blair has the main airport that is connected to major Indian cities. Local ferries also run between islands that will help you reach Port Blair. 

Places to visit in Andaman Nicobar island

  • Bay Island
  • Chidiya Tapu
  • Fisheries Museum
  • Wandoor
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
  • Cellular Jail tour
  • Anthropological Museum

Havelock Island 

Source – Santanu Sen via Flickr

Havelock Island looks like it has out from a painting. Its breathtaking sceneries and gorgeous beaches make it the best honeymoon destination in Andaman. Havelock is filled with Exotic beach resorts that look perfect for the honeymooners. Honeymoon couples can enjoy their time basking in sun, hopping to the most popular beaches namely, Kala Patthar Beach, Radhanagar Beach and Elephant Beach or go on a romantic evening cruise. 

How to reach – Regular Catamaran ferries and government ferries operate between Port Blair and Havelock Island. There are regular ferries from other islands. One can hire a seaplane or a private helicopter to reach Havelock. 

Things to do at Havelock Island 

  • Snorkelling at Radhanagar
  • Scuba diving at Elephant Beach
  • Sunset cruise 
  • Glass surface boat ride 

Neil Island 

Image – Ankur P via Flickr

At a distance of 40 km south of Andaman Island, this location is one of the favourite among the honeymooners and couples. Unlike other islands of Andaman, Neil Island truly takes you closer to the nature and into a world of lovely tropical forests and golden sandy beaches. Neil Island is the home to beautiful Coral Reef that makes it a perfect location for underwater exploration. 

How to reach – One can reach here from both Port Blair as well as Havelock Island via Catamaran Boats as well as government ferries. 

Places to visit 

  • Laxmanpur beach 
  • Sitapur beach 
  • Bharatpur beach

Campbell Bay 

Source – Aravindan Ganesan via Flickr

Campbell Bay is located in the island of Great Nicobar and is famous for its natural and enchanting setting that gives romantic vibes to every honeymooning couple. Campbell Bay is known for its national park that is known for the most unique wildlife in India. With a beautiful tropical setting, Campbell Bay is the home to crab-eating macaque, megapode, giant robber crab, and Nicobar pigeon.

How to reach – Both helicopters as regular ferries ply from Port Blair

Ross Island 

Source – Kandukuru Nagarjun via Flickr

Ross Island is last reminiscent of British Rule on this island. They had constructed many bungalows and offices in order to conduct their administrative affairs. The bungalows, the architecture and the beautiful European vibes soon gave it the name of Paris of the East. Today, Ross Island exists as an abandoned ghost town with these bungalows looking like a page from a haunted novel. Ross Island is the home to many deer who wander here freely. 

How to reach – Ross Island is accessible through ferries from Port Blair. You can also choose packages for Ross Island with North Bay Island and other nearby places. 

Entrance Fee – INR 30 

North Bay Island 

Image – Wikimedia

North Bay Island is very close to Port Blair and is always included in various Andaman Tour Packages. It is known for beautiful wonderful underwater coral reefs. This is one of the most tourist friendly islands here and provides amazing snorkelling and sea walking opportunities. Scuba diving is very popular here as it is very easy to spot the various marine creatures that inhabit the place. 

Things to do 

  • Scuba diving 
  • Jet Ski 
  • Snorkelling 
  • Sea walking 
  • Parasailing 

Jolly Buoy Island 

Jolly Buoy Island in the Marine National Park
Source – Sankara Subramanian via Flickr

Jolly Bouy Island is an hour’s journey from Wandoor Beach. There are ferries at certain time that travel here. The route itself feels so beautiful as the boat passes over golden sea. The whole journey is itself a romantic experience. 

The most notable part of this island is the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park. Jolly Buoy Island is one of the two islands of the park that is open to tourists but only in specific months. 

How to reach – One needs to come to Wandoor beach from where regular ferries go to the park. First Ferry starts at 8.30 am and Last Ferry is at 10.30 am. 

With so many amazing places to visit in Andaman, your honeymoon is surely going to be a memorable experience. Thomas Cook offers amazing Andaman honeymoon packages and makes sure that your visit to this island is a romantic experience. For more details on Andaman Tour Packages contact our team of experts. 

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