5 Lesser Known Beaches Around Chennai You Must Visit


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Being an introvert, and an avid solo traveler, it is often difficult for me to find places to travel which are not full with tourists throughout the year. All you tired folks who are searching for temporary refuge from humankind on quiet, calm beaches of the south, you have come to the right place. 

Here are the top 5 recommendations for lesser-known beaches around Chennai to escape to when the human world becomes overwhelming. You can reach these places easily without any hassle. Simply hire a car in Chennai with a local driver and head for a memorable weekend getaway. 

1. Breezy Beach

Beaches Around Chennai Thiruvanmiyur Beach
Image – Wikimedia

Situated in Valmiki Nagar, Breezy beach is exactly what the name suggests, a breezy getaway to watch a peaceful sunset, away from concerns of everyday life. There is no entry fee, and you also have the Thiruvanmiyur market to spend those extra bucks on. 

There are various restaurants and eateries around the beach like Golden Plates, Flavours Food Lounge, and Arusuvai Arasu. It is well-connected to the Chennai Egmore railway station, making it conveniently accessible. 

The breezy beach is a top choice because it’s the ideal combination of a quiet, tranquil getaway with enough restaurants and markets nearby to lend some company if you feel too lonely.   

2. Bharathiyar Nagar Beach

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No trip to a beach is complete without an outdoor photoshoot for your social media handles. After all, if you didn’t post it, did it even happen? However, many shy folks can’t channel the inner supermodel under the judgemental public gaze. The unexplored Bharathiyar Nagar beach in Ennore solves this problem.  

If the crowd at Marina gets on your nerves, this is where you can unwind. 

3. Panaiyur Beach

Photo by Ragu Clicks on Unsplash

Panaiyur beach is a relatively lesser-known beach located on ECR road. The beach is popular for its clean sands and tidy environment. The beach is mostly deserted for the better part of the day, but you may find small ice cream shops in the evening. 

This secluded beach provides travellers with solitude and peace. If you are more on the chirpy side, you can chat a bit with the few local fishermen on the beach. 

4. Palavakkam Beach

Image – Kannan B/Flickr

This beach has something for everyone. Palavakkam beach can double as a spiritual retreat as it houses a temple, so your parents and grandparents will get a few quiet minutes with god. It also has a stretch of green which makes it more picturesque. Kids can play here as it is safe, so exhausted parents get a few minutes away from parental duties. 

5. Uthandi Beach

Image – Wikimedia

Uthandi beach is another one of those obscure beaches that you feel lucky to have discovered. Away from the hubbub of the main city, Uthandi is a good alternative for people seeking solitude. Alternatively, you can have a private time with friends and family at this quiet and peaceful beach.

Chauffeur driven car rental is the best way of reaching the beach. It is quick and convenient—you can get there in less than an hour in your car. You will find boats lined up along the shore as fishing is the primary occupation. Another attraction of this place is the Matsya Narayana Temple, located around 2 km away. 

Plan a quick weekend getaway to any of these beaches to give yourself some me-time away from the world of mobile notifications, emails, and calls.

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