Goa Is Like Fine Wine; It Was Magical Then, It Is Magical Now!


Goa is the dream destination for most trippers.  I wonder, what is so mystical about this place? Why can’t I ever get enough of it? Is it only the rivers of cool alcohol, the mesmerizing beaches, or does there lie something in those sunset hues?

I guess then the line couldn’t be truer – “Goa is like fine wine.” The older it get, the better it becomes, and indeed so. Let’s explore this wondrous city and try to understand what makes every visitor drown in its aura.

Image – Royal India Travel

The Culture of Goa: A Home for Everyone!

If you’ve ever been to Goa you would know what I am talking about. This land is an amalgam of Portuguese and Konkan culture with a pinch of Bohemian influence. From the early 16th century, when it was full of the Portuguese, the state has always welcomed the wanderers who came looking for peace and calm.

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Tagged as “Rome of the East,” it still carries the essence of serenity. While many travelers visit for the beautiful beaches, to try adventurous sports, and get tipsy on booze, but they still get a feel for Goa’s multicultural past. Its great churches and heritage homes are the main attractions apart from the beaches.

The famous local brew of Goa – Image Source

Undoubtedly, the culture of Goa is highly unique. Firstly, the people there are never in a jiffy. They spend their time lazing around and doing the right things in life. Secondly, even if you’re low on budget, you can always find a place to stay at the beach shacks. According to India.com, the average expenditure of staying in Goa is just Rs 1200 per day!

You can always stretch your stay without hurting your pocket or putting your savings in jeopardy.

Goans Exhibit Tradition

The locals, called Goans, are are sweet to the core and smart to the up-top. As the they belong to different faiths and cultures, there is a sort of flexibility, or even unconventionality, in their rituals.

Goa Carnival – Image – Goa Tourism

The one thing that you can easily see in typical Goan tradition is the Portuguese Architecture. The hut type design and boundary around the house. Even the new churches are designed in the Portuguese style. People there are free to practice any religion (one of the rarest things in India).

Goan Architecture inspired by Portuguese – Image Pixabay

I think the music and food constitute to its real essence. The special Goan cuisine is fish curry and rice. And the food always contains a touch of Brazilian, Konkani, and Portuguese cuisines.

The Essence of Goa: It’s Cuisine & Music! – Image Source Wikimedia

Usually, the Goan cuisine is quite spicy. The most likable dish of Goa is the Prawn Balham which is a pickle-like preparation. Another delicacy is the Pork Sorpotel, mainly served on special occasions. Goa’s local drink is Feni, a brew prepared from the sap of the coconut or cashew tree.

Goan Music Festival – Image Source

The music here is a mix of traditional classical and western style. The Portuguese introduced the piano, the violin, and the mandolin to Goa, and but the state was rejoiced in its own symphonies. A calm night, the beach, cool breeze and some Goan music , make it a magical land. But that’s not all, Goa is fine like wine, and it has something for everyone. For instance, it is also the foundation stone of Goan psychedelic trance and the dubstep. Famous DJs from around the world visit Goa for the infinite party scene.

Famous Goan Trance Music – Image Source

The Never-Ending Love

Usually, Goa Meadows are full of high-spirited people because they party better than the Goans. If you too love celebrating life, you must have heard Goa calling. However, you might need to pre-book everything. This state is a desirable holiday destination for many- and that leads to bottleneck hotels.

Besides, once you visit this place, you’ll know what the beaches and sunsets do to you. They rejuvenate your inner self and make you believe that there’s more to life.

Author Bio: Hemant Dudeja is a lifestyle writer & a Digital Marketer who loves to write travel blogs and itineraries. He is working for 9ightout– a guide to amazing Nightlife experiences and offers. 

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