Top Destination in the Middle East You Must Explore


Top Destination in the Middle East
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The Middle East is often known for its diversity in human development for a reason: no other land in the whole world can boast this immense amount of history and culture. In the span of thousands of years several peoples have settled and left this region, leaving behind traces of their culture, language, and food. If you are a traveler then there is not such a good place to experience a dynamic exhibit of culture, summing up with high-class tourist resorts, beautiful beaches, world-class cities, amazing sports, and some of the best shopping grounds on the Earth – with warm, radiant climate to boot. 

How to get there?

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Before beginning with the list of top destinations in the Middle East, let us figure out how we are going to get over there. One of the best options is Saudi Arabian Airlines. It is regarded as the third largest airline located in the Middle East. The airline provides well-priced flights all around the Middle East, as well as Asia, North America, Africa, Europe, adding up comfort and luxury with speed and efficiency. 

For covering up the domestic destinations in the Middle East one can go with flyadeal airlines. Flyadeal (طيران أديل)is a low-cost Saudi airline located at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. The airline is owned by Saudi flag carrier Saudia.

Now as you have got yourself accustomed to the airways facilities in the Middle East, let’s get back our thoughts on some of the best tourist places here.

Dubai, UAE

Top Destination in the Middle East 03 Dubai
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You will get no other city in this world just like Dubai. Dubai is famous for having the world’s tallest skyscrapers. Apart from that, it is also regarded as a high-paced commercial hub that brags about some of the best shopping and other cosmopolitan exercises on the planet. The Mall of Emirates and the Dubai Mall are the best-known tourist attractions of this place. They are also known for sporting the coolest electronics and latest trends to the travelers. If you count yourself among those travelers who are much into traditional shopping then don’t worry, Dubai has it all. You must check out the Heritage Village and Bur Dubai Souk which adds up the ancient cultures and customs with the modern flare.

To know about the history of the UAE you can visit the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. It has a dynamic display of Islamic culture and treasures.

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Dubai is a territorial intersection of cuisine. You can have manousheh for breakfast, Iranian sangak for lunch, and kebabs for supper. Flavorful!

If you are looking for some adventure then you can try a trip into the desert, go skydiving, deep-sea diving as well as climb the Hatta Mountain.

Dubai is also known for having the best classical hotels and nightclubs in the Middle East. Thus after having an enjoyable session in the day you can get into your relaxing mode at night.


Top Destination in the Middle East 05 Jeddah
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Jeddah is known as the home of Mecca and is one of the top offbeat destinations in the Middle East. It is the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia. This place consists of everything a traveler could ask for. It is a land of astounding food and rollicking souqs.

AL Balad is the oldest city in Jeddah. It is the UNESCO World Heritage site which serves as a traditional gateway to Mecca. It is filled up with the excellently designed architecture and is one of the most dazzling urban communities of antiquity.

Beirut, Lebanon

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The trip to the Middle East is incomplete without visiting Beirut. The capital city of Lebanon is becoming a primary travel destination in the Middle East. Beirut has consistently been one of the essential intersections of the Middle East and is a place of contrasts. With individuals and religions from everywhere throughout the district, Beirut is a social blowout. This is a place consisting of luxurious hotels, night clubs and chic bars, incredible beaches, as well as traditional food and markets from all over the region.


Top Destination in the Middle East 06 Mecca
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Mecca is situated in the desert valley in western Saudi Arabia. It is the holiest city of Islam as it is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad. The entrance in the city is restricted to people of all religions other than Muslims. Several years many Muslims come here for the annual Hajj. Dating from the seventh century, Masjid al-Haram encompasses the Kaaba, Islam’s most sacred shrine. There are a lot of things to do in Mecca. You can hike the mountains of Mecca, visit Ghar Hira (a place where the 1st verse of the Quran was uncovered to Prophet Mohammed, read and pray Quran in Kaaba Masjid al-Haram, visit Mina and have a view of 5 pillars of Islam. The luxury and comfort of Mecca Hotels (فنادق مكة) are also famous among all Muslim travelers. Some of the most famous ones are Dar Al Tawhid Makkah, Inter-Continental Makkah, Hotel Elaf Al Huda, Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Hajar Tower Makkah, Hilton Suites Makkah.

The Middle East comes with a lot of amazing stuff to offer to its travelers. So regardless of what you’re into, bounce on a plane and take off for your favorite destination.

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