Travel writers, guest bloggers and advertorial writers are welcome to submit their articles to us, provided they adhere to our standards. Please go through writer guidelines and submit your article. Note we are very strict on the quality of the content. And if you have topic suggestions please send it to partner@caleidoscope.in

Article must be inline with our topics, check out our guidelines.

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  • Go through the guidelines given in the “Write-for-us” page before suggesting a topic
  • Our cultural magazine is based in India so suggest topics relevant to Indian audiences
  • Avoid guidance topics since ours is a cultural website based on personal experiences
  • Begin by mailing a few suitable topics to us or use the “Submit Your Article” option
  • Avoid placing commercial web-links in your article unless you are ready to pay for it
  • If you are forced to mention a commercial brand, then do it in such a way that it does not directly promote its products or services
  • Attach JPG files of a few relevant images that are classified as Creative Commons

C-scope would like to bring out the extraordinary in everyday ordinary stories. So we expect our writers to cover their stories from a unique perspective and add a personal angle.  These are some general guidelines to be followed by C-scope writers:

  1. Articles should be written within a range of 700-800 words. Editors hold the right to edit out the excess words. If an article needs to be presented in more than 1,000 words, it will be presented in parts. Spell check and accuracy in facts is a must!
  2. Articles should be accompanied by a few photos. If the authors do not have their own pictures, they can source them from the web, but after taking adequate permission from copyright holders.
  3. Articles should have a harmonious balance of facts, thoughts and quotes, which could include criticism as well.
  4. Authors must provide original content since we do not tolerate any kind of plagiarism. You can always search online for any research study on the subject and refer them. All facts should to be well-researched and a factfile of references needs to be included.
  5. Authors should refrain from overemphasising their points and minimise flowery language.
  6. Do not oversell a place or a product, but do not shrike away from presenting any negative aspects.
  7. Avoid giving strong advices and admonishing your readers.
  8. For guidance and opinion-based articles, provide quotes from people by posing questions to experts in that field.
  9. Right now, C-scope is focusing on topics originating from India, but we are not averse to a unique story from abroad that has an Indian connection!
  10. All writers have to submit a list of story ideas and get them approved before proceeding to write the story. Editors will have the final say whether you have a thought to ponder or you are just rambling into empty cyber space!
  11. All freelance content samples including graphic submissions submitted to the editor or web admin will become the property of Caleidoscope Content Services. They will be used for our sites in whatever way deemed suitable, but proper bylines will be given to the copyright owners.

Category specific guidelines

  • Volunteering – any noble-hearted person or an NGO doing yeoman service to the society will be featured in this section
  • Offbeat travel – travel destinations lying off-the-beaten track that are sidelined by mainstream tour operators are featured here
  • Nostalgiphilia – any past time, favourite haunt, and essential aspects of the past that have become faded memories today are covered in this category
  • Eco-ideaz –  environmental problems are not covered here; we only cover innovative ideas which make this planet a better place to live
  • Design – any interesting feature about painting, sculpture, graphic design or animation is covered here
  • Art & culture – any article that defines the local culture, regional cuisine, eduring traditions will be published. We avoid the regular religious ritual and festival-based articles
  • Alternative-life – difficult to define, but any story off the mainstream will belong here. Trail blazers in any particular uncharted territory can be covered under this topic
  • Caleido-blog – regular updates about interesting news or any other interesting topic that does not fit into any of our categories

Send your article to info@caleidoscope.in or editor@caleidoscope.in