7 Trending Suit Set Designs to Try in the New Year 2024


Trending Suit Set Designs to Try in the New Year 01

Another year is yet to unfold, and it brings along an opportunity to enjoy, meditate and restart things for oneself. Also, it is a time to make space for all things new. New fashions and trends that reflect more of your personality as well as speak of your taste in fashion. Ethnic clothes are an excellent way to express yourself, be it with the colouror multifaceted forms of attire. It can help you stand apart from others. Regardless of whether you are going to a party, wedding, festival or any other casual occasion, there are always suit sets when it comes to ethnic wear for you.

Usually worn together with a kurta, bottom and dupatta that can be interchanged to make different looks, they are comfortable, graceful and easy to put on. They come in different fabrics, colours, patterns and designs, thus meeting each person’s taste and budget.

Here are 7 designer suit sets from Ganga Fashions that you can try in the New Year 2024.

Raw Silk Anarkali Salwar Suit in Aspen Green 

Raw Silk Anarkali Salwar Suit in Aspen Green

This designer suit set is a perfect example of elegance and grace. The aspen green colour is soothing and refreshing. This anarkali salwar suit is designed from raw silk of high quality, cotton satin and chinon silk. The top has a round neck, full sleeves and beautiful embroidery. The bottom and the dupatta are of the same colour, while this suit has an inner lining to make it more comfortable. This suit will fit you well and make you look different from others.

Golden Embroidered Raw Silk Salwar Suit with Silk Organza Dupatta in Deep Purple

Golden Embroidered Raw Silk Salwar Suit

Any occasion will look stunning with this deep purple salwar suit. The top is made of raw silk, which gives this party wear suit sets a rich and elegant texture. For a little sparkle, the golden embroidery is present in the outfit. It is the bottom part that is made of cotton satin, a soft and comfortable material. The dupatta, also made of silk organza, complements the top and bottom and is light and airy. 

Silk Velvet Salwar Suit in Fushia Pink and Beige

Silk Velvet Salwar Suit in Fushia Pink and Beige 2

This women suit set has an amazing mix of fushia pink and beige, great for any festival. The top is silk velvet with resham embroidery for a more elegant and warm touch. The bottom is pure lyocell twill with a velvet border that feels soft and snug. The dupatta is gaji silk with applique embroidery, which matches the top and bottom beautifully. It comes in a full set with lining to make it comfortable to wear all through. 

Raw Silk Printed and Hand Detailed Festive Salwar Suit in Wine

Raw Silk Printed and Hand Detailed Festive Salwar Suit in Wine

This suit set is a blend of ethnic and contemporary. It is perfect for any event you are attending. It comprises a wine-raw silk top with intricate hands and a comfortable bottom made out of cotton satin, along with a Chinon silk dupatta. The full set comes complete with a lining to add durability and elegance. 

Zari Woven Bemberg Silk Salwar Suit with Zari Woven Monga Silk Jacquard Dupatta in Bright Rose Pink

Zari Woven Bemberg Silk Salwar Suit

For an elevated fashion sense, try this astonishing Bright Rose Pink Salwar Suit. The loose style of this outfit offers the comfort you need in its Zari Woven Bemberg Silk top and Modal Maslin bottom that looks classy. This Classic Set comes with lining for a perfect finish.

Woven Salwar Suit with Zari Woven Raw Silk Dupatta in Salsa Red

Woven Salwar Suit with Zari Woven Raw Silk Dupatta in Salsa Red

This Salsa Red Woven Salwar Suit is designed to make an impression. The set consists of a top made of Zari Woven Raw Silk, which has a soft Modal Maslin bottom and a beautiful Zari Woven Raw Silk Dupatta. It is fully lined for your added elegance. It’s a regular fit and the perfect go-to outfit when you want an ethnic touch.

Woven Kurta and Contrast Dupatta with Hand Work Detailing in Fog Beige

Woven Kurta and Contrast Dupatta with Hand Work Detailing in Fog Beige

This stunning fog-beige woven kurta is the perfect piece to elevate your style with its seamless blend of elegance and flair. It speaks of luxury through its intricate handwork detailing. For formal or traditional occasions, this set can be both stylish and comfortable, given that it is worn with a contrasting dupatta. 

Care and Maintenance Tips

  • For Prolonged Life of Your Suits: Keep up with the timeless appeal of your designer suit sets, by caring for them. You should avoid over-dry cleaning, which could destroy the fabric and internal structure. Instead, go for steamers of high quality or use a soft wash cycle with cold water and mild detergent to get rid of dirt and stains. 
  • Cleaning and Storing Suits Properly: Preserve their integrity by having them cleaned by reputable professional cleaners. Then, hang your suits on strong wooden hangers that are appropriate for their sizes and keep them in breathable garment bags to prevent dust and moisture from affecting them. This extends their life spans as they take turns resting between wearing.

When to Seek Professional Help for Suit Maintenance?

Even after a lot of care, you may still notice signs of damage that include holes, tears, fade-outs, colour changes or smells. In such cases, you should turn to a well-known tailor or dry cleaner for help. It is also not advisable for one to attempt fixing the suit themselves unless they are able to do so properly and, in turn, retain its original shiny appearance.


Suit sets are a versatile and fashionable choice for ethnic wear that can make you look stunning and confident. You can choose from various suit set designs that suit your taste and occasion. If you are looking for some amazing party wear suit sets designs to try in the New Year 2024, you can check out Ganga Fashions, a trusted fashion brand. We have been serving people for over 20 years with focus on ethnic designer apparel with everyday essentials. We bring forth a blend of comfort and innovative designing.

So, why wait? Grab suit sets from Ganga Fashions that catch your eye and get rock the New Year with style and grace.

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  1. Wow, these suit set designs are absolutely on point for 2024! The article gave me great insights into the latest trends, and I can’t wait to upgrade my wardrobe with these stylish options. The detailed descriptions and suggestions are so helpful. Thanks for keeping us ahead in fashion!

  2. “Salwar suits truly stand the test of time, effortlessly blending tradition with modern style. The intricate craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and diverse designs make them a wardrobe essential for any occasion. Whether it’s a festive celebration or a casual outing, the comfort of the salwar paired with the elegance of the suit makes it a go-to choice. The beauty lies not just in the fabric and patterns but also in the cultural richness they represent. It’s heartening to see the evolution of salwar suits, adapting to contemporary fashion while preserving their cultural roots. This blog beautifully captures the essence of this iconic attire, offering inspiration for every fashion enthusiast. Kudos to celebrating the enduring allure of Salwar Suits!”

  3. This article provided me with an insightful and comprehensive overview of the latest suit set designs poised to dominate the fashion scene in 2024. Ranging from classic cool to bold brilliance, these suits are truly amazing. I must say, it’s a must-read and very helpful for anyone eager to stay ahead in the fashion game. Really worth reading. Thank you.

  4. The modern minimalistic suit trend for 2024 is a game-changer for men’s fashion. Embracing simplicity and clean lines, these suits redefine elegance. The tailored fit and monochromatic palette make these suits incredibly versatile, seamlessly transitioning from day to night. It’s a nod to timeless sophistication, and every fashion-conscious man should have one in his wardrobe for a sleek and polished look.


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