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7 Types of Tea in India And Their Amazing Health Benefits

Exploring the various types of tea found in India. Tea is an indispensable part of the diverse India, and it is consumed in every corner of the country.

Stand Up Comedians In India Who Are Revolutionising The Way India Thinks!

The new age stand up comedians in india who are changing the Indian mindset, one laugh at a time. They are bold, audacious, socially conscious, and funny!

Live A Healthy Life By Fighting Obesity

Maintaining a healthy weight will boost your immunity and keep you emotionally healthy. It further contributes to the fact that you can keep working for a long time (if you plan to do so). Moreover, healthy lifestyle habits are vital to maintaining a youthful appearance. 

Nobel Prize Winners From India : Making India Proud

The revolutionary Nobel Prize Winners from India who were awarded for brilliance in Chemistry, Physics, Peace, Literature and Physiology or Medicine.

Gandhism – A Philosophy or Reality?

Gandhism is a well-known term too, considering that the ideas and ideologies of the Mahatma have been propounded over the years and been ingrained in our consciousness for long.

Bhuira Women And Their Romanticism With Jams

Bhuira Jams - The inspiring story of Linnet Mushran an accidental jam maker who built Bhuira Jams success story by providing employment to the rural women...

The Women Behind the Indian Armed Forces

But there are those many women who may not have served in the Indian Armed Forces or Central Armed Police Forces but are brave hearts of the nation.

Why Bell Hooks’ “All about love” is Now More Relevant Than Ever

I was totally intrigued by the title of the book - “All About Love”. I did not want to read yet another cliche book on love and she promised that it wasn’t. This book is the best guide to love which I have read

A Long Lockdown isn’t Bad After All!

let us innovate and find numerous joys and ways to entertain ourselves at home without risking our or other’s health by stepping out.

10 Things Your Can Do At Home To Be Productive During Lockdown

Bored of Nation Lockdown, If you have been feeling claustrophobic and demoralized, here are ten things you can do to make this burden easier and ensure these days are productive! 

Indian Women Who Broke the Barriers & Became the ‘Firsts’

Indian women who became the firsts in their fields, did the impressive impossible. They showed others that women could also do what men did.

The Only Thing We Never Get Enough of is Love – A Valentine’s Day Special

Apart from the many debates on how Valentine’s Day may not necessarily adhere to our culture and how a single day is never enough to express love

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