How To Better Involve Adventure In Your Life


Adventure In Your Life
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Is your life getting a little staid? Do you sometimes bore yourself? Maybe it’s time to add some adventure into your life. Deciding how and where to expand your horizons doesn’t have to involve making a monumental change. Sometimes it’s just about deciding to do one thing differently.


There are all kinds of adventure travel tours available for those wanting to bike ride across four countries or rock climb your way to a beautiful view; however, adding adventure to your life does not mean that you have to risk spraining your ankle. Adventure can mean simply going someplace you’ve never been or choosing a mode of transportation you’ve never tried. Some people swear by getting to their chosen destination by riding a train overnight. Others love the flexibility of a repositioning cruise that leaves you in a different place from where you started. It’s essentially like getting two adventures in one. You can enjoy all the good things a cruise has to offer and combine it with an extensive exploration of your final port before you travel back home.

Physical Activity

If you have been promising yourself to get fit or exercise more, maybe it’s time to look beyond the standard “join a gym and never go” routine. Some churches and community organizations offer adult leagues in volleyball, soccer, bowling, softball, and many other sports. Joining a group is an adventure. You have the potential to make new friends and to get more active. As a bonus, there will probably be a happy hour after the game whether you win or lose. Plus, if adult kickball isn’t for you, you’re not locked into a contract.


It’s not hard to enjoy good food. In fact, it’s hard not to enjoy it. Becoming a real foodie and expanding your palate can be a true adventure. There are often informal foodie classes offered at local restaurants, junior colleges or cooking schools (if you live in a big enough city). In addition, many restaurants offer wine and food pairing specials that provide a set menu plus explanation of why and how each wine enhances the flavor of each dish. Keep your eyes open for bars that offer whiskey tastings also. If you prefer a more low-key approach to adventure, make a list of every ethnic restaurant type in your city and make a date with a friend to try a new one out every couple of weeks. Keep a list of your newly discovered food and drink “likes” so that you can always refer back to your journey of discovery if life threatens to get boring again.


Another way to experience the world is to learn something new. Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano or to paint with watercolor, this is the time to step out and try it. The best part about taking up a hobby as an adult is that you can do it just for you without the pressure of having to perform or to be perfect. You can learn to knit or sail or whittle because it sounds interesting. You’ll meet other people in your class with the same interest and have something to talk about outside of class other than what you watched on TV the day before.

Finally, if you’re an introvert, improving your personal skills is a huge adventure and a worthwhile one. Taking a class in making small talk or giving speeches may sound silly on the surface, but both are real life skills that not everyone possesses. If you find it’s easier to stay inside with the curtains drawn rather than go out into the world, a class in social etiquette may be the perfect segue into your more adventurous life. You’ll learn how to talk to others, and you’ll feel more confident in telling stories about your escapades whether they be an adult dodgeball league or world cruise.

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