New Covid Transition: Work from Home to Work from Office


Author – Mangesh Mundhe


As the vaccination process has been started in the country, slowly the people are getting back onto the track. Although it will be very early to say that everything has become normal. Still, there are numbers of covid cases everyday getting reported, still there are numbers of deaths occurring due to covid,Although we can say currently the number of deaths and the covid cases reported on daily basis are less as compared to earlier.

The present situation is heading toward normality because of vaccination and the lockdown imposed by respective state governments. Definitely vaccination has changed certain things, people are moving out for shopping ,for buying stuff for inter-districts-travel and for inter-states-travel with precautions.

Some organizations are asking their employees to come to the office to do the work instead of relying on their ‘Work From Home Policy’. In some organizations the work from home ‘quota’ is getting reduced day by day because the situation is improving in the real world. One thing is clear: the organizations are very much eager to generate more business, for that reason they are even trying to get their employees vaccinated. It does not mean all organizations are after the profits only, some genuinely care for their employees, especially organizations like Reliance, they have conducted a mega vaccination drive for their employees and family members.

Now the question is how employees will accommodate themselves in the post covid era, how will it be altogether a different thing for people to get back to the pre-covid days? Surely, it will not be that easy nor will it be that much difficult either. The new normal will be different for everyone. The physical activity was reduced during the covid waves. Many people had a relaxed setup, many had a comfortable attitude while performing their work duties from home.

On the other hand, there are several positive aspects of ‘working from office’ such as teamwork, cross networking, positive motivation, and many more which you can access at your fingertips in the real world. Organizational culture has a better influence on the productivity of any business and it teaches employees to be focused on their work moreover it reminds them about their roles and responsibilities in a professional way.

Although covid had forced employees to work from home,however in near future they may have to face compulsive options of either to work from home or to work from office. In fact, there is proven evidence that we should keep work and home life separate. Therefore for better balance , it will be sensible for organizations to look at it as a choice based on the self interest of the employees and not by compulsion. Same applies to the employees trying to evolve instead of merely adjusting.

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