Stitching Dreams: The Homemaker Who Revolutionised Indian Fashion



In the vibrant tapestry of India’s fashion landscape, there are numerous brands we come across everyday. However there are only a few that actually connect with us, not just pester us to make another purchase. One such brand that we recently came across is Apella – a homegrown fashion brand that comes with a story most people can relate to. So we decided to do a 5 series Blogs about Apella to share how this brand based in Himachal Pradesh is trying to instil comfort, confidence & happiness through fashion. 

A Vision Takes Shape

Behind Apella’s inspiring story is its founder, Ritu Khanduja, a woman who knows firsthand the challenges of navigating the world of fashion with a body shape that doesn’t conform to mainstream standards. Ritu’s personal journey became the catalyst for a brand that seeks to redefine fashion norms.

As Ritu herself acknowledges, the struggle to find outfits that both fit comfortably and inspire confidence is an experience shared by many. In an industry often obsessed with youth and fashion models, Ritu envisioned something different, something revolutionary – a brand that places the individual at the forefront, declaring boldly, “You matter, your size doesn’t.”

From Struggle to Empowerment


The journey that began with a deep personal experience, soon turned into a mission- to empower women & men, who had been told by mainstream fashion brands that they were somehow not perfect. Thus in 2020, was born Apella- a brand that truly cared about ordinary people like me & you, not just fashion influencers or runway models. 

Apella is not merely about fashion; it’s about being your companion in celebrating your one-of-a-kind identity. With sizes spanning from XS to an inclusive 10XL, Apella ensures that the perfect fit is within your reach. Yet, there’s more to it – through free customization, Apella goes the extra mile to ensure that your attire is a true reflection of your personality. Within a short span of time, Apella has become one of the most loved brands especially in plus size fashion.

An Experience, Not Just Attire

At Apella, the belief goes beyond delivering clothing; it’s about creating an experience. Behind the scenes is a dedicated team of personal support executives who are poised to accompany you on your fashion journey. From offering style suggestions to providing sizing guidance, they become your trusted allies, ensuring that your purchase isn’t just a transaction but a personalised experience.

From Humble Beginnings to a Complete Wardrobe Solution


What began as a modest venture right from their home has now transformed into a comprehensive solution for your wardrobe needs. Apella doesn’t limit itself to a specific category; it embraces all facets of your wardrobe, from casual wear, formal attire, and leisure outfits to festive and celebration wear, and even maternity clothing.

There is a lot more about this brand that is worth sharing and in the upcoming blogs, we’ll explore everything from what makes them different to their newly launched festive collection and a lot more.

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