Top 5 Trending Styles for Men to Try This Festive Season



The autumn season in India marks the arrival of festivities. Navratri, Diwali, Durga Puja and Dussehra are coming soon. And undoubtedly, people across the country are gearing up for the festive season. However, though there are loads of plans to be made, one of the main preparations for any festivity is managing the wardrobe! And the conventional perception that only women are concerned about how they dress up, is surely changing as men and designers are upping their fashion games. So, what are the trending styles for men to try this festive season? What clothing, accessories, shades and hues should they pick in order to look absolutely stunning? Let’s find out!

Festival Vibes


Classic outfits, such as the kurta pajama continue to remain the go-to style clothing for men during the festive season. However, latest trends also feature a wide range of designer menswear, fusion and experimental clothing. Similarly, both bright colors and pastel shades are also increasingly being preferred by the men folk. The look doesn’t have to necessarily be only in blacks or whites, but introducing different shades adds a dash of exuberance and vibrancy that fits in perfectly with the celebrations. Also, since it’s the festive season that we are talking about, ethnic clothing looks both appropriate and stylish. Having said that, combining modern and traditional styles together often results in amazingly dapper appearances. 

Here is taking a deep dive into the top 5 trending styles for men to try this festive season!

1. Short Kurtas


Short kurtas are the latest fashion trends that are a great mix of tradition and western wear. It is usually till hip or mid-thigh length and looks wonderfully casual, as well as, chic. A blend of the shirt and kurta, the short kurta comes in different colors and prints and can be both short or long sleeved tops. Besides, one of the greatest conveniences of the short kurta is that it can be paired with dhoti, pajamas, salwar, churidars or even denims and trousers. To notch up the look, you can wear Kolhapuri chappals or mojaris/juttis. 

Also, the pattern and prints on the kurta can help in giving a trendy look. Why not try a tie-dyed kurta, Mandala prints, floral prints, small prints or pastel hues?

2. Jackets


Wearing a jacket is one of the easiest and surest ways to boost your fashion and style this festive season. And do not worry, there is a varied range of men jackets to choose from. Nehru jacket, Banarasi jacket, velvet jacket, Bundi jacket – you can try any of these with guaranteed results! The choice of the color and type of jacket hugely depends on what you plan to wear under it. The Bundi jacket along with the Nehru jacket are probably the safest bets to place for they look adorable on everything. Besides, even if you go for lighter shades of kurta pajamas, a vibrant jacket atop is all you need to lift the festive mood. On the other hand, if you prefer quiet elegance, then a black or off-white jacket is perfect.

3. Bandhgala


The Bandhgala though a jacket is a classy addition to your clothing for the festive season. Also known as the Jodhpuri suit, it is an excellent example of Indo-western wear. The Bandhgala can be simple or exquisite when embroidered or embossed with buttons.  It is also one of the most versatile outfits as it can be worn on both formal and informal occasions. Pair the bandhgala with trousers or churidars, it will look debonair either way. Also, you can design the bandhgala as a single collared piece or as a jacketed outfit that can be worn on a shirt. Additionally, scarves or cravats with the bandhgala look suave and sophisticated. 

4. Full Kurta Set


If mix matching is not your forte, then sticking to a singular ethnic look is a great way to dress for this festive season. This could include a simple two-piece kurta pajama set or a three-piece set that includes a jacket. But the entire get up is of a single color or print, or of similar shades for a sober and uniform look. The kurta and pajama can be styled in different ways using buttons, embroidery, patterns, cuts etc. Though this look may seem old-fashioned and too traditional, all we can say is that old is gold! The most basic ethnic styles actually look the best for the festive season. 

Also, not just the long kurtas, but even the bottoms can be styled with traditional designs. Try the Jodhpuri pants, dhoti, different varieties of salwars, churidars or palazzo pajamas to go with the long kurtas. 

5. Appropriate Accessories – Stoles, Leather chappals, bags and more


Adding a shawl or stole to your look instantly produces a stylish effect. The stole goes well with ethnic attires, but also looks good on modern and westernized clothing, such as jeans or trousers, shirts and short kurtas. The stole can be a simple designed accessory or one can also opt for embellished, stoned or embroidered shawls. 

Footwear is another important dress accessory that adds to the overall appearance. Leather chappals, mojaris, jutis go perfectly with ethnic wear. And they also sync well with jeans or trousers. Similarly, wearing a turban or head gear also can look respectful and stylish at the same time. 

Finally, carrying a casual or stylish bag across the shoulder also adds a unique fashion element. 

Comfort and style

Dressing up stylishly for the festive season is an integral part of the celebrations. However, comfort always precedes giving way to fashion trends. And hence, this festive season, prioritize your comfort, for if you do so, styling will follow seamlessly. Experiment and explore your fashion sense, but also have fun and confidence with your attires and dressing experiences.

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