A to Z of Breads from Around the World [Infographic]


In these troubled times, it can be heart-warming to remember there are some human basics that unite the peaceful majority of us across cultures – and one such element is the simple enjoyment of bread. The history of bread stretches back across millennia, so it is heartening to note the varied and imaginative ways that this staple food has evolved in different regions.

Take the Hembesha bread of Eritrea in northeast Africa, for example. A flat, round, spicy bread, it is best served with tea and honey, making for a complex but tasty treat. In Russia, where the weather is not quite the same, their ‘Qistibi’ flatbread is served instead with mashed potato or meat sauce. A more warming alternative which has emerged from a similar base.

It’s a fascinating world to explore once you get into it, and whether you’re planning to travel, to prepare some foreign dishes at home, or you’re just interested in learning a bit more about how the rest of the world conduct their daily lives, you’ll be fascinated by this new infographic guide to the breads from around the world: how they are prepared, designed, garnished and eaten. It’s a feast for the eyes!



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