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The concept of the birth of thrift stores is not surprising; a pandemic with its havoc and the eye-opening message does call for sustainable practices. A thrift store is an online platform where apparel is upcycled and available at a relatively lower price than retail. Thrift stores on Instagram are easily accessible to people at a much discounted price. 

The waste produced in one fashion show is mostly unaccounted for. This shows the lack of heed to the subjects of sustainability and upcycling. The annual carbon footprint of the fashion industry exceeds 92 million tons, including landfills! This is why the niche trend of thrift stores becomes all the more necessary. 

Thrift stores also provide small and local business owners to establish their line of clothing. Similarly, for customers, it is a pocket-friendly choice to adorn inexpensive fashion. For environmentalists and scientists, thrift stores are qualitative as they are anti-fast fashion and environmentally viable. 

For the same reasons above, we have curated a list of 10 thrift stores online India for you to stay fashionably forward as well as eco-friendly:

1. Threadripper 


Threadripper is propagating the culture of upcycled, pre-loved, and handcrafted fashion. Their Instagram page store has a bold collection of everyday wear. They are also fond of tying & dying thrift wear for their customers. Instagram Handle: @threadripper.shop

2. Aimée 


With a top-notch winter collection in-store, their minimal knits are something we are in love with presently. Instagram Handle: @aimee.loved

3. Paradime Thrift 


If you love vintage prints like Argyle and apparel inspired by pop culture, then Paradime Thrift could be your go-to-store. With a big love for everything pocket-friendly, this store would meet all your fashion needs. Instagram Handle: @Paradimethrift

4. Candour.Oak


Here’s an online thrift store that caters to men’s fashion needs. If you have a guilty pleasure for sneakers, loafers, and branded tees, you might want to check out their Instagram page. Instagram Handle: @candour.oak

5. All Things Preloved 


Pritika Rao is the founder of this store. She, who has herself thrifted half her life, is doing her bit to promote this slow, pre-loved fashion revolution. Anything and everything couture is the central theme of this store. Instagram Handle: @_allthingspreloved

6. Pem Thrifts


PEM stands for the initials of the owners: Priyanka Advani, Eshita, and Mohita Kalra. The store deserves love for its handpicked and pre-checked essentials. They also offer selling with them for everyone interested in making thrifting an additional source of income. Instagram Handle: @pemthrifts

7. Thrift It Bro 


If you are a bibliophile, nothing is better than turning into a thrift books buyer. Here’s an exclusive as well as a personalized collection of books available at a very reasonable price. Instagram Handle: @thriftitbro

8. Thrift Misfits


If you are a sucker for cute outfits and accessories, Thrift Misfits could be your OG choice. With a pretty perfect collection of skirts, tees, and shirts (bonus coordinated outfits), they ensure their clothes are sanitized well before dispatch. They aim to bring the joy of thrifting in everyone’s life and hence contribute to make this world lot more cleaner and greener. Instagram Handle: @thrift_misfits

9. Kefi Thrift Store 


The thrifty efforts of two sisters Hasmina and Hasiba and their handpicked pieces are worth your try. The thrifty up wear will surely delight you. Instagram Handle: @thekefithrifts

10. Closet Reset 


Closet Reset is the effort and combined closet of three girls to reduce theirs and their thrift stores’ lovers’ carbon footprint. Fall in love with reset silhouettes of their store. Instagram Handle: @closetxreset

Thrift stores are not only limited to India, fashion influencers in other countries also run thrift stores check out this story on online thrift store Canada to explore the trending fashion happening in Canada.

Rush to these thrift stores to grab the latest items on sale. Also suggest us any thrift stores that you think we missed to list on this page. Happy Shopping!

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