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When you catch me engrossed in a book so thick while i recline on my sofa, just observe my regular glances outside the window which are trying to find meaning in life, as I simultaneously interpret the text I just read in French, and all this while I am anxiously pensive about my next article in attendance, and out-and-out my constant struggle with my back pain which makes me wonder why I got so relaxed in the first place. Duh. That, all that, is me.

Women On Clouds – A Backpack Full Of Female Friendships, Laughter And Stories

In conversation with Shireen Mehra, the brains behind Women on Clouds, an entrepreneurial venture for an all-women travel company that is empowering women travellers.

Teal Lush – Renew Your Gifting Experience In Luxury

Gurleen Gala founder of Teal Lush, despite her well paying job, she wanted to renew the childlike, innocent happiness of gifting. She curated her dream in an Everything Beautiful sort of a way. Here are the excerpts from my conversation with her.

Curators Of Clay – Contemporary Indian Ceramics Personified For You

Deep in conversation with Rohit Kulkarni about his clay ventures, Curators of Clay that create personalised, contemporary Indian Ceramics and handicrafts.

Andretta Pottery – Where India Was Introduced To Pottery

Mansimran and his wife Marry decided to permanently settle in Himachal Pradesh: They started the Andretta Pottery and Crafts Society, and got engrossed in carrying forward the lineage of pottery by training the local potters.

Bhuira Women And Their Romanticism With Jams

Bhuira Jams - The inspiring story of Linnet Mushran an accidental jam maker who built Bhuira Jams success story by providing employment to the rural women...

Uramma Heritage Homes – Practicing Diverse Art Forms, Ecological Programmes And Local Crafts

Uramma Heritage Homes is named eponymously after the legend of Uramma, the village Goddess. She is considered to be a reincarnation of Devi Durga. While the folktale of Uramma is narrated differently all around India, I prefer to cling to the version as retold by Ms. Shama Pawar, the mastermind behind the Heritage Homes.

Kashmir Galore – An ‘Accident’ That Saved The Heritage Business From Dying Out

In a conversation with Saqib Posh, the man behind Kashmir Galore. Saqib is in a continuous process of preserving age-old art-crafts, like his, which is on the verge of extinction. He is working together with hundreds of artisans for whom carpet weaving is the only source of income. In a process of revival, he is mixing traditional carpet making techniques together with new designs and colors. Using natural dyes and natural fabrics, his main focus is to support locally made products with no use of synthetic fabrics. He also ensures that his products are completely natural and eco friendly.

Deepika Bhansali – A Self Taught Artist, Spreading Her Passion for Art

Deepika Bhansali practiced painting as her hobby infrequently during the last 30 yrs until it became her passionate choice. It was the birth of her daughter 5 years ago that stirred the first wave of actively practicing artwork.

Vijay Joshi – A Traditional Phad Artist With Tints Of Modernity

Vijay Joshi, the 13th generation practitioner, entered the Shahpura School at the age of 9 where phad painting was taught. This is when he came to terms with his age old family business. He revealed that he found solace in this art form, as if he was specifically chosen to be part of the Joshi family by God.

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