Simon Thacker’s Solo Tour to India and His Latest Release


Simon Thacker’s Ritmata with Ángeles Toledano, credit Juliette Lichman

Simon Thacker is back! It was only a while ago that we were still swaying to the rhythmic beats of Trikala from Svara – Kanti, a collaboration of musicians from across the countries and cultures. 

Now, Simon Thacker is gearing for his latest album release Taradh, which has been composed with his musical laboratory Ritmata. Coincidently, the release of his album comes at an opportune time when he embarks on his first solo tour of India.

With his new program Pashyanti , Simon has performed at the Goa International Jazz Festival and the Giants of Jazz series in Delhi. He still has few concerts and performances lined up as he tours India on his debut solo musical journey. 

India and Simon Thacker

Simon Thacker has a very close and deep rooted connection with the musical and cultural landscape of India. His collaborative group Svara-Kanti has brought out the best from traditional music of the subcontinent. The album Trikala had Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical, Punjabi Folk and Bengali folk Baul musical renditions all interwoven with each other and western music. 

Simon Thacker’s continued love and learning from collaborating and blending music across nations continues with his new album Taradh. Already launched on 30th November, Taradh’s centerpiece Quadriga in 5 has been nominated for the Ivor’s Composer Awards, the most prestigious award in the UK.

About Taradh

Simon joins hands with Scotland’s leading musicians and improvisers Paul Harrison (piano), Andrew Robb (bass) and Stu Brown (drums). ‘Taijasa’s ethereal timbres harness the elemental level of nature. Thacker radically reimagines Sephardic song Muero Yo De Amor around the vocal artistry of one of Spain’s greatest young cantaoras (flamenco singers), Ángeles Toledano.’

Solo Tour

However, Simon’s solo tour of India is the main highlight. As Simon says, “I am so excited to present my new program Pashyanti in a country that has given me so much joy and inspiration, and especially that it coincides with the launch of the new album Tàradh”

For the Pashyanti tour, Simon will explore all the different facets of musical instruments, from digital delay driven soundscapes to muscular improvisations in his unique style. His improvisations blend in seamlessly giving birth to a new found musical parody that is stunningly different but surprisingly true to its roots and originality. 

The primal, multi-layered sounds from this Scottish maestro can be heard and seen at different venues in India. 

Simon has performed at Goa and Gurgaon and will be performing in Mumbai on 21st December. The performance will take place at Varanda Bandra Mumbai 10 pm onwards. 

The solo tour performances are a great way for Simon to strengthen his bonds with his fans in India. Here is wishing him luck with his tour and his new album and hoping that he continues to flow music of different places and spaces, making the East meet the West to create a magical musical extravaganza. 


Trikala the acclaimed album by Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti was released last year on a CD format. However, for all music buffs, this intercultural collaboration was released on all major streaming platforms worldwide on 17th January 2020. A winner of the Scottish New Music Award, Trikala is the perfect pitch for where East meets West. It features the ‘ancient forms propelled forward to create a new musical future’, the worldwide streaming of the album brings ‘a pivotal moment in history of Indo-Western collaboration to the widest possible audience’. 

So wait no more. Tune into Trikala’s musical mysteries, now available on musical platforms.

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