Top 5 Delhi/NCR Places That Host Best Sufi Nights


Delhi and its connection with Sufi music can be traced back to the 10th and 11th century. It was during this time when the Sufi musicians, poets, and scholars in the likes of Amir Khusro popularized the mystical culture, the reminiscence of which is evident even today. Thursday night Qawwali at Nizamuddin Dargah is a long-standing tradition and a display of Delhi’s love for this soul-stirring and revered music. The romanticized representation of this scared Dargah in Bollywood movies like “Rock On” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” has further popularized this earthy and mystic rendition of Sufism. So, if you want a night of mystical awakening amidst great food and ambiance, we suggest you visit the following restaurants in Delhi/NCR that host the best Sufi nights.

1. S Bar & Restaurants Shalom, Greater Kalash I

Photo Credit – Facebook Page S Bar & Restaurant

For those, looking for a nightlife that centers on good food and music, S Bar & restaurant is the place to visit. The restaurant is famous for Sufi nights held mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays. In fact, the music complements the Lebanese and Arabic food that the restaurant offers.

Located in one of the poshest areas of South Delhi, it is advised to initiate table booking in advance to secure a reservation. Almost every evening, especially when the Sufi night is on, the restaurant is jam packed. Book a place in advance through online booking platforms like Clicktable, to avoid last minute hiccups and grab great deals and offers. The vibrant crowd and magical vibe of the restaurant exuberates pure bliss, thus enabling you to unwind after a hectic day. So, all in all- dim lights, soul-searching music, and lip smacking food sums up an evening at S Bar & Restaurant.

2. Sufiaana, Rajouri Garden

Photo Credit – Facebook Page Sufiaana

True to its name, Sufiaana, Rajouri Garden is the mecca for those who cherish Sufi music. The restaurant hosts Sufi night every Friday and Saturday with several live Sufi fusion and rock band sessions playing the soul stirring tracks. Besides, offering great ambiance, the restaurant is also known for its sumptuous food. Right from delectable shoarbas (Middle Eastern soup) to Lebanese starters and Iranian/Persian food, the restaurant food menu is predominantly inspired from Central Asia. The ottoman-styled chairs and bright and vibrant use of color along with elegant décor will remind you of Arabian Night stories, which are also linked to Asian civilization of the Middle East, land that inspired the emergence of Sufism and Sufi music.

3. Imperfecto, Hauz Khan Village

Photo Credit – Clicktable

Dig into the mystical charm of Sufi music at Imperfecto, Hauz Khas, a Mediterranean-themed restaurant that unlike its name is perfect at so many levels. Right from the ambiance, food, décor and gentry, the place screams of great fun. Located in the backdrop of Hauz Khas Complex which was a full-fledged city in medieval times. Imperfecto is where you would want to spend an evening with friends and family. The place is always packed with guests. Therefore, you should go for table booking in advance for a hassle-free evening.

4. Zamozza, Connaught Place

Photo Credit – Zamozza Facebook Page

Located in the heart of Central Delhi, Zamozza is yet another restaurant that is known to host amazing Sufi nights. The décor of the restaurant is again Central Asian, with motifs of iconic architecture, domes, and structures adorning the walls. In addition to great music and décor, the restaurant boasts delightful music. Right from Turkish and Lebanese spread to Chinese and Oriental dishes to South American cuisine, the restaurant offers it all.

5. Ambrosia Bliss, Connaught Place

Photo Credit – Clicktable

Ambrosia Bliss is located at Connaught Place and is known to host Sufi nights now and then. The décor of the restaurant is bold and beautiful. It boasts three terraces which contribute to the vibrant vibe. The restaurant, though has a compact food menu, but the dishes are delicious and wholesome. The bar menu is extensive and the cocktails are bang on. This is a perfect place to hang out with friends on weekends and host meetings on weekdays in their state-of-the art conference room.

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