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Meghalaya is one of the Northeast’s seven sisters, and it is also one of the most lively of them. This is a wonderful destination to spend time with friends or family because of its natural beauty and tribal culture. After all our strenuous days at work, taking a holiday in this Himalayan state will refresh your body and mind in the best manner imaginable. It is strongly suggested that you eat the local dishes while exploring Shillong or soaking in Cherrapunji. Meghalayan cuisine is so different that you will be in awe of every meal you eat in any section of this stunning state. Because Meghalaya is home to three major tribes, the food consumed in villages and cities varies depending on where you go. People from the Khasi and Jaintia tribes, for example, will use a lot of bamboo stalks in their culinary preparations. Garos, on the other hand, eat a lot of pork-based foods as well as other animal proteins. Yes, there is much more than momos! 

The following are a few notable Meghalayan foods that you should try on your next vacation:

1. Jadoh

Traditional food of Meghalaya-Jadoh
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In the state of Meghalaya, jadoh is one of the most famous Khasi street food delicacies. There are very few people who dislike eating this meal. It is such a renowned delicacy that Shillong has a restaurant named Jadoh that is quite popular among the locals. Those who are afraid of space may find the meal intimidating, but this red rice and pork concoction is mouth-wateringly delicious! Spice aficionados may load up on green chilies in their Jadoh and bathe it with chutney to make their palate sing and dance.

2. Doh-Khlieh

Traditional food of Meghalaya- Doh-Khlieh 
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Pork is celebrated in all its grandeur in Meghalaya cuisine. Pork is utilised in practically all of the native cuisines, whether steamed, boiled, fried, or grilled. Doh-Khleih, for example, is simply a salad made with minced pork, green chilies, and onions. The serving of pig brains, curry, and bread alongside this local specialty. This traditional Meghalaya food item’s sheer enchantment is an experience you must try on your next trip. While touring Shillong’s Police Bazar, try this pork salad at Trattoria, which is essentially a hole in the wall food restaurant that produces the best Khasi foods in the city.

3. Nakham Bitchi

Traditional food of Meghalaya-Nakham Bitchi
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Pescatarians, or persons who eat fish but no other animal flesh, will have a great time in Meghalaya. There are several meals made by curing tiny fish and totally drying them. Nakham is a dried fish that may be fried or boiled to make a soup which is also known as Bitchi. This meal is intended to calm your nerves on a chilly winter night in Shillong. The ideal Meghalayan way of life is to eat this simple soup with a bunch of pals. Don’t go to commercial establishments for this, since the one served in modest shacks tastes much better.

4. Pumaloi

Traditional food of Meghalaya- Pumaloi
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Pumaloi is a popular holiday and family gathering cuisine in Meghalaya. It would be a pity to miss out on this delicacy if you are visiting this state during the Shad Suk Mynsiem, Shad Sukra, or Wangala festivals. Powdered rice boiled in a special pot called Khiew Ranei is the key component in a traditional Pumaloi. If a kind Khasi aunty lets you into her kitchen, make sure you learn how to cook this delicacy from her.

5. Pudoh

Traditional food of Meghalaya-Pudoh 
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Pudoh is a pork lover’s upgraded version of Pumaloi. The method of preparation is similar to that of a Khiew Ranei with powdered rice steam, but the addition of pig bits with curry elevates this dish to a whole new level! The chances of getting your mouth crammed with platefuls of Pudoh are so great during a village festival that it’s hardly even funny. Every bite of this delicacy will make you respect Meghalaya’s culture and customs. Isn’t this the most satisfying kind of food?

6. Minil Songa

Traditional food of Meghalaya- Minil Songa
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Minil Songa, a sticky kind of rice, is one of Meghalaya’s most popular Garo meals. Essentially, the meal consists of sticky rice with a rich nutty flavour and a delicate texture. In terms of how it becomes so sticky, starch is responsible. To make Minil Songa, you’ll need to boil the rice in fresh bamboo and consume it as a snack. Apart from its delicious taste, it also aids in constipation and digestion, making Meghalayan cuisine an intriguing remedy.

7. Sakin Gata

Traditional food of Meghalaya- Sakin Gata
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The precise blend of tribal and Asian influences in this state’s gastronomy is interesting. Travellers who have visited other areas of Southeast Asia may notice that certain dishes in Meghalaya’s cuisine are quite similar to those seen in other regions of Southeast Asia. Sakin Gata is a rice cake that will make you joyful from the minute you bite into it. This sweet dish will contain numerous layers of rice and toasted sesame seeds, creating such a wonderful nutty flavour combination that a single taste will be insufficient. Sakin Gata, a treasure that should be found at a local sweet store as soon as possible, is celebrated as one of the primary culinary dishes in a Meghalayan thali.

8. Kyat

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When discussing Meghalaya’s notable cuisine items, a native beverage must be included. Kyat is a fermented rice beer that is known for livening up even the dullest of gatherings! It’s a distinct alcoholic beverage enjoyed by individuals from all walks of life in this state. Chatting with the locals over a large glass of Kyat will undoubtedly help you become one of them in no time.

9. Dohneiiong

Traditional food of Meghalaya- Dohneiiong
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Dohneiiong is a Khasi delicacy that is an essential component of tribal cuisine. A gentle, flavorful curry that is comforting and nostalgic of home. It has a distinct flavour of black sesame seeds with a peppery kick. When paired with the Meghalaya staple of rice, it may quickly transport you to Shillong’s lovely hills. It is made with fried pork, green chilies, peppers, red onions, and a rich sauce that is best served with a hot plate of rice. You may enjoy a bowl of it just before your sightseeing trips begin because it is a filling meal. Throughout your day excursion, you will be enthusiastic.

10. Tungrymbai

Traditional food of Meghalaya-Tungrymbai
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Meghalayan food is noted for its nutritious qualities, and Tungrymbai is a prime example of this. A meal that makes you feel warm and cheerful, it is a classic Meghalayan cuisine item that should be tasted at least once. It contains almost everything, including soya beans, onions, carrots, ginger, spices, and boiled or fried pork. Vegetarians can omit the pork and replace it with an additional serving of soybeans. After all of your explorations, you will surely enjoy hogging this local delicacy.

11. Pukhlein

Traditional food of Meghalaya- Pukhlein
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Pukhlein is a flavorful sweet delicacy cooked especially for the Wangala Festival. Pukhlein, one of Meghalaya’s greatest vegetarian dishes, is made with only two ingredients: rice powder and jaggery. These are cooked combined to form the golden brown crispy bread. With a hot cup of tea or coffee, this is the ideal evening or post-meal snack.

If you’re not salivating by now, your palette ought to be shaken! Meghalaya’s exquisite cuisine, as well as its expanding tourism attractions, await your arrival. Plan your visit and indulge in the state’s distinct specialities. Foodies would like Meghalaya tours that feature food outlets and hole-in-the-wall kinds of places to eat local delicacies. So, when you plan a vacation to this state, do your homework on the most popular shacks, restaurants, and even home cooks who will gladly deliver meals to your door.

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