Ambika Nagaraj is a 'typical Mysorean' residing in Bangalore. Born and brought up in the beautiful city of Mysore, she has been working in the Garden City since two years now. She took to writing since 2004 when she joined the University of Mysore as a Master’s student of Journalism, and has continued to do for a living ever since. In her five years of experience in journalism, Ambika has reported, written, managed, co-edited and also supervised layout designs for the companies that she has worked with. She is quite jovial person to work with. She does not consider writing as a 'job' since it's her passion. She always come up with an enthusiastic 'Yes!' filled with excitement, every time someone asks her to write something!

Oxygen Acres – A Few Acres of Freshness…

‘Eco-friendly’, ‘go green’ ‘being kind to nature’ are words that we hear often. But how many of us are really serious about being considerate towards Mother Nature? While these words and phrases have mostly remained mere buzz words for many, there are a select few among us who are passionate enough to go that extra mile to be really eco-friendly.

Rangoli – A riot of colours!

Rangoli, a traditional Indian folk art also known as ‘Kolam’ in the south, is a decorative pattern religiously created in front of the courtyard of all Hindu households every morning.

Sing a soulful lullaby

New age moms are finding the act of putting a child to sleep a tough one. Why? Simply because most of them actually do not know how to sing a soulful lullaby!

Fable of A Fabulous Fabric: Mysore Silk

A silk saree takes the pride of place in an Indian woman’s wardrobe due to its luxurious lustre and exquisite design. Among the myriad styles of silk sarees, ‘Mysore Silk’ from Karnataka stands out for its unique weave, smooth texture and minimalist design.

Mulberry Magic from Mysore

Silk … The very name of the luxurious fabric renowned for its elegance reminds us of an elegant look and the wondrous feel that one gets to experience when felt against the skin. All renowned for the exquisite quality and the graceful look that it promises to provide, apparels made out of this lovely fabric are something every woman on earth desires to own.

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