Dream Of India: A Positive Distraction To Aid In Healing And Recovering


Dream Of India
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For weeks you have been recovering from a medical procedure. As you visit your Salt Lake City health professional for a follow-up visit, you dream about the perfect getaway while sitting in the waiting room. You think to yourself, “I want to go somewhere exotic. I want to go somewhere where I can immerse myself in culture. I want to go to India!” You start to plan your perfect vacation to India while still sitting in the waiting room. You imagine yourself visiting sights like the Taj Mahal, The Golden Temple of Amritsar, or Hawa Mahal.

The receptionist suddenly calls you and the dream comes to an abrupt end. Your physician starts with the routine questions and examination. They ask how you are. You reply, “I’m planning a trip to India. Should I be concerned with anything before I go?” They reply with, “You are good to go, no issues at all,” and sends you off. You think to yourself, “The wait was longer than the actual time spent with the physician.” You shrug it off and begin to head home.

You arrive back at home in excitement about the trip. You begin to research and plan for it. You picture yourself taking a ton of photographs while visiting the sights of India. As you continue your research and planning, you suddenly feel a slight pain in the area where you had a procedure done. You stand up to take a break, but the pain suddenly intensifies. You call your doctor’s office right away. You tell them that you are in too much pain to drive back and decide to call for an ambulance. A few minutes later the ambulance arrives and rushes you to the hospital. The attending physician in the emergency room examines you, and tells you there seems to be a problem with the medical procedure that was done. As further tests are done, the doctor tells you why you are experiencing pain. The horrific details he tells you become something out of a horror movie and you are forced to think about legal actions. You’re thinking to yourself, “I need Utah medical malpractice lawyers to help me.”

Laying in the emergency room, you begin to feel angry and sad because you now have to put the trip on hold because of this. You’re still in pain, but all you can think about is the legal battle ahead while your dream vacation to India slowly fades away. “This changes everything,” you say to yourself.

The attending physician tells you that further tests are to be done and that they will be transferring you to another room for observation. The physician indicates that you will have to stay at the hospital for two days.

You arrive in your new room and decide to call a friend to help you research for medical malpractice lawyers in the area. Your friend advises you to worry about getting well first while they will take care of finding an attorney for you. The next day, your friend visits you and tells you that finding a malpractice lawyer is a good idea because of the details you have told them. Your friend then gives you some general information that they found on the Internet about the difference between medical malpractice and medical negligence. As you are listening, you begin to cry and say, “All I wanted was to go to India and go sightseeing.”

Your friend comforts you and begins to talk about India to lighten the mood. They ask about the attractions you were planning on visiting and where you intended to stay. You reply and tell your friend that you have created a bucket list. Your friend begins to make suggestions and says, “I can see you in a saree. You’d look good in one! Maybe in an emerald green or teal colored one. Yes, that will bring out your eyes and complexion. Indeed, you would definitely look great in a saree.” You both giggle despite feeling some pain.

Your friend notices that you’re in a better mood and tells you to heal first. They then say to continue planning the trip to India as a positive distraction to aid in healing and recovering. They assure you everything will be fine and that the trip to India will change from just planning to actually going on the trip.

Your friend tells you that they have found an experienced attorney and that they will be visiting once things are better. They add, “The lawyer will review and recommend the next steps in taking legal action.” You finally relax and feel comforted because of good legal representation. 

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