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Author – Levine L

Everyday there is talk about how to save the environment, what we individuals can do at home. I was wondering is it possible to bring some glamour to eco-friendly lifestyle… is it possible to find some attractive eco-friendly gifts that will be not only helping the environment, but also be functional and useful…

Shopping in the market nearby got me nowhere! Except for handicrafts, jute bags and khadi clothes, there is not much on offer. However, when I searched online for eco-friendly gifts, I was surprised by the variety of items presented in charming designs. Do not take my word for it; check for yourself and decide whether being eco-friendly is chic or not!

eco-friendly gifts for HomeHome décorwould you prefer a recycled vinyl record disk which is shaped into a bowl… made by Designer Jeff Davis, these sturdy bowls have the original label intact and protected with a clear mylar seal.
eco-friendly gifts - potuspotHome décorWould you like a Potus Pot created by Argentina-based kuku design. It is an eye-catching, handcrafted vase made from a recycled incandescent bulb!
eco-friendly gifts - Scarlet-QuinoaFood freak – are you a person who thinks about eating before eating and after eating… do you wonder what are the types of raw food and eco-friendly menus are on the platter… then check this… the Gliving site is gonna blow your mind and your tummy –
eco-friendly gifts - Glass earringsFashion buff – are you eager to impress your intellectual, sophisticated, snooty girlfriend with some fashionable yet ethical gifts… go check out these links-
eco-friendly gifts - Glow BrickGadget guru do you desire to enchant your boyfriend with some cool, cutting edge technology which is eco-friendly too… how about a solar panel back pack which can power his laptop while he is trekking in the hills…

eco-friendly gifts - Water clockBargain dealer – are you a smart alec who is searching for a cheap deal on the net which not only gives value-for-money but also offers functional designs… then obviously ebay is the place to hunt for LED lamps and water powered digital clock!

Sadly, all these gift sites are foreign based, so the goods will carry a huge transport cost!

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