Green Wedding – Making our wedding eco-friendly


Green Wedding

How do bring in green aspects in our day to day life… If it is hard to shift move into an eco-friendly lifestyle, can we do something unique in any of our special events so that they stay memorable for us as well as our friends and relatives… How about mixing your ideas on eco-friendly lifestyle with the most memorable day of your life… How about making our wedding eco-friendly? Green wedding!?

That’s exactly what a couple in Bangalore did in the last wedding season. B N Shivashankar & Family have always been a socially conscious family and they are ecological activists as well. They run an NGO named ‘Jeevana Mukthidhama’, which is a large tree memorial park for war heroes and famous personalities. The park has trees planted on the ashes of dead along with an epitaph.

So when the wedding of B N Dayal Bapu and Megha H was planned, the family thought it would to be different and to help Bangalore to become a bit greener. The idea was simple: distribute saplings to guests as complimentary gifts; cut down on plastic usage; and serve organic food. Through these activities, the idea was to build eco-consciousness among commoners and have awareness talks by eminent personalities, such as Basavanagudi MLA Shri Vijayakumar who spoke to the media.

Green Wedding theme

Invited guests were pleasantly surprised by this gesture. In all, 2000 Honge (Pongamia) saplings were distributed to the guests and the couple planted a sapling in front of the G N R Kalyan Mantap in Jayanagar T Block. Volunteers from Lets Integrate For Environment (LIFE) enlightened the guests and distributed the saplings.

No doubt, the print and TV media were all over the place covering this unique event. Let’s hope this green wedding practice becomes a fashionable trend among the younger generation.

– Factfile –

Wedding organiser: B N Shivashankar & Family
Date: 10 May 2009
Place: G N R Kalyan Mantap, Jayanagar

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