Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan, or simply Devangini, is a writer and content manager. Her forte lies in working with brands and their overall conceptualisation and content. She also specializes in art and luxury commentary even as she offers consultancy in both fields. She has been writing since she was – brace yourselves – seven years old! Being a voracious reader as well, her favourite authors include Enid Blyton, P G Wodehouse, and more recently Cecelia Ahern, Lauren Weisberger and Nicholas Sparks. With varied exposure in terms of being an Army wife who travels at the drop of hat, she loves to make the most of everything that life gives her. Mother to feisty pre schooler, she decided early on that she would be a hands on parent and has since settled into content and article writing on an online forum. Read her articles right here for a refreshing take on all things we call life!

Eco-friendly Eating out at Lodhi Gardens

Eating out at weekends has become a part of our lives. Why not make it an 'eco-friendly eating' time by trying organic food for a change?

Delhi Book Fair – Reader’s Paradise

This week, the Delhi Book Fair is on in New Delhi. Held annually at the Pragati Maidan, this is indeed a treat for everyone: bookworms or not. The few precious hours that I managed to spend here showed me why I loved books so much.

What is Governance to Common Man?

Ram Singh first started out by assuring me that I will meet more good people than bad in Delhi, or any city. A bad episode gets hyped up in the media because it draws mass sympathy.

Governance And The Common Man

Define common, my mind told me, as I listened to this auto rickshaw driver speaking the truths of life as we know it in one of the largest democracies in the world.

Talking To Your Kids – And Listening Too!

This Children’s Day, let’s take up the challenge to keep talking, keep listening and keep emoting. The human touch is most vital element for all us now and we need to take care so that this chain does not break

Remembering our Teachers 🙂

Parents dream a dream for each child; but a teacher dreams the same dream for so many children. If that is not selflessness, well, I do not know what is.

Postings: The Ailment of Every Army Wife

How would we describe an army wife’s life… Rather than tragical, I would say being an army wife is magical. What exactly makes it magical? One small word: postings.

Birds Of The Same Feather… Celebrating Friendship

Once you enter the life of a vagabond, there really is no looking back. Any Army Wife will tell you that. It is not about the new places; rather, it is all about the excitement of the new faces. With these hopes in my heart, I had joined my husband on a posting in the hills.

Munching on the streets of Mumbai

We searched for the 40 best places to eat out in Mumbai! right from Chowpatty to Church Gate, Colaba to Marine Drive

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