Celebrating Friendship: A Bond that Brightens Our Life



Friends are born, not made.

-Henry Adams

When the first weekend of August approaches, people from around the world gear up to celebrate one of the best bonds known to mankind. After a string of days being dedicated to mothers, fathers, and parents, the 1st Sunday of August is celebrated as the International Friendship Day in honour of a beautiful bond that doesn’t need blood-relation to sustain.

On this day, people reach out to their friends, not bothering about the distance or any other barriers. Further, some people try to get in touch with their long lost buddies and catch up with them. The celebration mostly involves exchanging wishes, sending cards or presents to one another, or having a special dinner with friends. Another important friendship day tradition, especially in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and certain South American regions, is to tie bracelets on each other’s wrists as a token of friendship.

Amidst all the running in our busy lives, this one day enables us to make plans with the people who are, or once were an integral part of our lives. We get together with them and spend a great deal of time talking about different stuff. Sometimes, we also exchange gifts as a symbol of our friendship and the good times that we spent in each other’s company. Days later, when we accidentally come across that particular gift, our mind automatically starts to think about that person, that meeting and the unique bond that we shared. It is quite a wonderful feeling. Isn’t it?

To bring out those wonderful feelings in you, we here at Caleidoscope are trying to celebrate friendship in a different way by interweaving this beautiful bond with a tinge of nostalgia.

When you stumble upon an forgotten old book, greeting card or a gift article, does it remind you of the friend who gifted that to you long ago? Does finding something old in your attic opens up a treasure of memories?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then make an effort to click a picture of you with it and post it as a comment on our facebook timeline along with a few words to explain the story behind it.

The first two best entries will receive a cash prize of Rs.2000 and Rs.1000 respectively.

Check our Facebook page for more details. facebook.com/caleidoscope.in

The contest begins today and ends on 8th August 2015, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Team Caleidoscope

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