4 “Must do” Things in Kodaikanal


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Often known as Kodai, this place has never failed to seize every traveller’s mind with its ethereal beauty. This beauty of the Southern province of India has a lot to offer to its visitors, from picturesque hills to serene lakes, the possibilities are literally endless. Gifted with striking natural beauty, reaching this place via flights is easier than you thought. Book a flight to Madurai and then take a few hours more journeys to reach the beautiful land with amazing trekking routes and waterfalls. 

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the best things to do while you are visiting Kodaikanal. 

Visit the Kodai’s lake

Kodai’s lake
Image – Simian Wolverine via Flickr

Situated just in the middle of the Kodaikanal city, encompassed between the virgin forests of the Palani hills, the Kodai lake is a must visit when in Kodaikanal. It is possibly the most popular tourist spots in the area and if you are visiting during the summers, just be assured to be enthralled by the beauty of the flowers and the boat pageant events around. Looking at the entire place around on the body is possibly the highlight that you simply can’t afford missing out on. 

Visit the Silent Valley View at the Echo Point

Silent Valley View at the Echo Point
Image –Wishvam via Flickr

If you are a nature lover, visiting the silent valley view at the echo point must be in your itinerary. The enticing panoramic beauty and view of the entire place around are just too good to miss out on. Combine this amazing view with the lush greenery and the calmer atmosphere around you and you are surely going to be mesmerized with the place. Since the valley, for the most part, is covered in mist, the best time visit is either during the early morning or during the late afternoons.

Try some photography at Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake
Image – Wikimedia

Hidden between the dense forest of the Palani hills, the berajim lake is a treat for every photographer and nature lover. The lake is surrounded by a thick blanket of acacia as well as pine trees and is encompassed with picturesque views of the entire landscape. Not just that, even the lake has rich habitats of flora and fauna which just adds to the beauty for every photographer. Just consult the authorities there and get your forest pass and you are all ready to enjoy the amazing beauty of the place. 

See the Glass House located at the Bryant Park

Image – Thewhatsupguy.in

When in Kodaikanal, visiting the Bryant Park is a must do. But what makes the experience even more riveting is when you go to see the glass house of the Bryant park. It is an exhibit for some of the most beautiful flowers including orchids, ferns and even some of the most exotic plants. The entire park is just a recluse for every nature lover which nobody can just miss out on. 

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