Amazing Food Hacks to Save Money on a Trip


Trips aren’t completed without munching on tasty food. If you are on a trip, food has got to be your best friend for the journey. It could get monotonous watching sceneries, and listening to the songs throughout your journey, here food comes to your rescue, and let’s be honest we get super hungry during our trips. While adding to the cost of fuel, you need to manage your food budget to make your trip pocket friendly and certainly stomach-friendly too. If you are on the go, food is your partner that will charge you up and make you feel energetic to endure the tedious route. Here are some quick food hacks for your trip to be economical. 

Stock up from the eatery outlets on the way

Image – Mohit Pareek

Fortunately, you belong to a generation where you can perform any task pin to plane through the internet. Some brands like Domino’s have some of their outlets situated on highways so that you could fill up your hungry stomach with their delicious and quick-to-serve menu. All you have to do to find these outlets is using your mobile by browsing for ‘Pizza near me’ or ‘Eating outlets near me.’ With the wide menu Domino’s have, you can order takeaway food that you can munch on while enjoying the journey. The best part is, they are the eatery which is known to serve and deliver food quickest and cheapest that will save your time and money which you can use to reach your destination punctually and efficiently. 

Prepare light food at home and stop only for heavy meals – 

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Spending your money completely on food implies that you are not planning for your trip. Prepare and pack light food items like thepla, poha, sandwich, etc, that will not make you stop eating every next hour. While for the meals, something filling like pizzas, paratha pizza, slices of bread, beverages, and desserts can be the correct option, which you can order through Domino’s pizza delivery option through their app that provides heavy discounts. 

Carry instant food for the trip – 

Image – Nadir Hashmi/Flickr

Ready to make food items like Maggie, upma, soups, etc. that only require the minimum effort of adding hot water to it, and such items are made within minutes and are the go-to for any trip. These come at a reasonable cost and are quite filling for a hungry stomach. You cannot start your trip without stocking up on these. Instant food items require bare minimum effort and cost you a bare minimum too. Carrying instant food is like taking with you a food genie that instantaneously prepares tasty and quick food, granting satisfaction to your cravings during a long trip. 

Go for local meals – 

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Who isn’t following ‘Vocal for local’ while on a trip try local food filled with rich culture and heritage and the best part is they charge you so less than those expensive cuisines out there. Local meals are healthy and keep your stomach at ease for long hours. Having a local meal at a ‘Dhaba’ is altogether an experience that you won’t ever forget, curated with various spices and herbs, such meals are healthy, pocket friendly, and most importantly nourishing. Stopping for local meals can also make your journey a learning experience as you come to know so much about local food items, their benefits, and the traditions attached to them. 

Take dry fruits and healthy snacks along – 

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Agreed that teaming up with junk food can be satisfying but that also proves to be a waste of money and bad for your health. Instead, pack a bag filled with enriching dry fruits and healthy snacks like protein bars to keep you active instead of bloated up. Few junkies are understandable but continuous munching on them can spoil your journey. Carry healthy snacking options and try to make your trip a blend of healthy and tasty. 

Trips are memorable and food adds so much vibe to our journey and that’s why it is essential that we go for wise and budget-friendly choices instead of grabbing our hands over anything and everything we come across. So, while on a trip, put on your favorite song, grab something delicious to eat, and enjoy your journey. 

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