Next Vacay: What It Is and Why You Need to Use It


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Looking to check more countries off your bucket list? Excited by travel, but afraid it costs too much to see the world? Trying to save money on flights so you have more cash to spend once you reach your destination? If any of these things sound like you, you need to use Next Vacay.

Next Vacay is a subscription service that’s changing the way people travel. Without any work on your part, you’ll start getting amazing flight deals delivered directly to your inbox. Then all that’s left is to follow the easy instructions Next Vacay gives you before you’re well on your way to seeing the world.

What Exactly Is Next Vacay?

Next Vacay is a game charger in the world of affordable travel. If you’re intrigued by travel hacking but don’t have the time to deal with figuring it out on your own, you’ll want to check out Next Vacay’s annual subscription service designed to connect travelers to the best flight deals from their nearby airports.

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Dreaming of relaxing in Santorini or seeing the sights in Paris? How about Lima, Tokyo, or Sydney? You’ll have endless possibilities for trotting the globe and starting to explore with Next Vacay finding you flights.

Gone are the days of wasting hours to find deals that vanish the instant you go to book. Next Vacay members get a few emails a week with personalized recommendations for flight prices that would make anyone’s jaw drop. You’re sure to get inspired to check out new cities around the world you might not otherwise have thought about visiting. And if one deal doesn’t work for you, just wait for the next email for something new.

You’ll get a lot of international deals using Next Vacay but they also find some great seasonal deals for domestic flights if you’re looking for a ski trip in the winter or other holiday travel.

Next Vacay doesn’t connect you with hotels or excursions, as it’s solely a service for flight alerts. That gives you the freedom to find housing and activities that fit in with your budget needs and travel style. Whether you want to maximize your savings by doing a house swap or working in exchange for lodging, or you want to use the money you save on your flight to spring for luxury accommodations, Next Vacay opens up a world of travel possibilities by connecting you with the cheapest flights out there.

What Kind of Deals Do Travelers Get?

Next Vacay brings you a range of flight options sure to get you feeling inspired to jump on a plane. Here are just a few examples of deals the service has found:

  • Flights to India for $300.
  • Flights to Hawaii for under $700.
  • Flights to Paris for under $450.
  • Flights to Australia for under $600.
  • Flights to Santorini for under $400.
  • Flights to Iceland for under $300.

In a single phrase: great deals. They’re all round-trip flights, too, so the amazing prices you see will get you set for your entire vacation. You don’t have to piece together deals to put together a trip. Thanks to Next Vacay, you’ll be ready to book the whole adventure.

How Does Next Vacay Work?

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Next Vacay comes from a travel-loving couple who developed software that searches flight databases to come up with the best deals out there. An algorithm does an automatic search on various airfare sites, coming up with the best deals without wasting the time and energy it usually takes to go through individual flight sites. They started uncovering such amazing deals that friends and family wanted in and soon realized that they’d created a valuable tool that could benefit travelers who want to explore the world on a budget. From there, they started Next Vacay.

If you want to make use of the genius behind this subscription service, it’s super easy to get started. First, you select the airport nearest to you. The service is available for airports in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia for now. That’s all you need to sign up for a free trial period of a month.

Then, start checking your email. You’ll start getting email alerts with return flights at travel-hacking prices right away based on the airport you choose as your home base. Next Vacay will also search airports within about three or four hours of driving time to help you make the most of deals you might want to use.

Like the look of a deal? Your email will also contain a link for you to book your flight directly with the airline. That simplifies the process so you don’t have to deal with any hard-to-understand instructions or jump through hoops to find a way to book once you spot a deal. You just book as you would with any other flight.

Just sign up for the annual Next Vacay membership and you’re all set to enjoy these perks for the next year. That’s seriously all you have to do. Oh, and that membership doesn’t cost what you might expect to pay for such an amazing service. It’s only $25 for a yearlong membership.

You read that right.


For a full year of super cheap flights.

If that ridiculously inexpensive price to subscribe doesn’t convince you, Next Vacay even lets you get your money back if you don’t love the options the team finds you after six months of trying out the service. That makes Next Vacay incredibly low-risk while offering unbeatable rewards for people who want to get out and see the world.

How Is Next Vacay Different From Those Other Travel Deal Sites?

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This subscription service sets itself apart from other travel deal sites you might’ve tried to use in the past. Next Vacay’s flight deals are amazing, but the whole service is a great deal for you overall. A Next Vacay membership is only $25 for a year, which means the service will likely pay for itself the minute you book your first flight with the price they find for you.

You also don’t risk anything when you try out Next Vacay. Not only can you try it out with a free trial for the first month, the guarantee to get your money back means you’re not risking anything when you try the service.

Next Vacay is unique in the way it organizes deals for you as well. The software searches for deals out of your local airport instead of looking for specific destinations. You don’t have to sit around waiting for those hard-to-come-by deals to London or Rome that don’t even leave from an airport you can easily reach. Instead, you can let your Next Vacay emails inspire you to find new places to travel. You’ll get all the great deals departing from your chosen airports and can plan your next dream vacation accordingly.

Additionally, Next Vacay will search within a three- or four-hour drive from your main airport, expanding the deals you can take advantage of based on the reality of how people travel. They know most folks won’t mind traveling a bit longer if it means spectacular savings to a dream destination. By including airports in a range of your home base, you’ll have even more options for booking deals that let you save while exploring the world.

Another thing that sets Next Vacay apart from other travel deal sites is the way they allow you to book your flights. Every Next Vacay email includes a link to the flight information so you can book your flight directly with the airline.

The direct booking method comes with plenty of benefits for savvy travelers. It protects you in the event you run into problems while traveling, as often airlines won’t help you in the event of delays or cancellations if you book through a third party. You also get to use the airline and credit card miles you’ve saved up to use for travel since you’re booking directly anyway. That translates to even more savings.

You’re not limited in the number of tickets you can buy, either. If the airline has seats available and you have more people you want to take with you, just book additional passengers using the same deal.

Unlike other flight alerts, Next Vacay doesn’t focus on last-minute deals. The service knows what it’s like for real people to travel. You can’t always jump on a deal at the last moment and have to first ask for time off at work and coordinate with a partner or friend for travel. That’s why Next Vacay sends most deals in a one- to ten-month range. You’ll have enough time to plan ahead, all while making use of offers that are too good to pass up.

Next Vacay doesn’t earn commission when you book. The service runs based on memberships, so you can rest easy knowing you’re truly getting unbiased deals for the best flights out there. If you go with a deal site that earns a kick-back from airlines, you can never be quite sure you’re getting the best deal. Next Vacay, on the other hand, operates to keep subscribers happy, not to earn more for themselves based on the flights you book.

Finally, Next Vacay is a small business that delivers a personal touch. The husband and wife duo behind the service makes sure to double-check every deal their software uncovers before they send it to you. They’ll also take your feedback into consideration when continuing to send you emails, so you’ll get alerts that are truly tailored to your travel needs.

Is Next Vacay Right for You?

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Next Vacay offers a great service for just about anyone looking to travel more. Whether you’re already jetting around the world constantly or you want to see more places but don’t know how to get started, Next Vacay brings you tons of benefits that will help you get to your next flight.

If you’re someone who’s already visited a bunch of exciting destinations around the globe, Next Vacay will help you find the best prices for your adventures. After all, who doesn’t like a good deal? Start checking even more countries off your list of places to go when you use Next Vacay for travel inspiration.

In fact, you’ll get more time to focus on the important things (you know, having fun while traveling) when you don’t have to worry about searching for flight deals or getting stuck with a more expensive flight than you’d budgeted for. Next Vacay will expand your possibilities.

New travelers also stand to benefit from Next Vacay. Finding flights can feel intimidating if you’re not familiar with a location. Next Vacay takes the guesswork out of planning a vacation, making the process straightforward. You just have to click the link they provide for you and you’re all set to book. You don’t even have to think about where you want to go ahead of time — just let your email alerts serve as the basis for your trip.

Flexibility is key to maximizing your membership. You’re going to get deals to a wide variety of places, so open yourself up for new experiences and take advantage of the next deal that makes sense in your schedule. Flexible timing will also help you make the most of the deals you see, as adjusting your start or end date by a day or so can often mean the best possible price.

If you’re seeking unique experiences through travel, you need to check out Next Vacay before you book another flight on your own. Next Vacay offers you tons of travel inspiration, an easy-to-use experience, and above all, flight prices that you really can’t beat. World travel should be accessible to anyone, and Next Vacay makes it easy by finding you super cheap flights. Get started expanding your horizons and exploring exciting destinations as soon as you sign up for a membership.

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